CAD CAM Services

SrinSoft's Engineering Service Center of excellence has number of successful Design, Manufacturing and Automation project Implementation to its credit for CAD-CAM services, has a team of professionals with an optimum blend of product development, domain, PLM knowledge and IT experience.

SrinSoft's team comprises Business and Systems Analysts, Project Managers, Quality Assurance Specialists, Workflow and Knowledge Management Specialists, Design professionals, and NC Programmers. This talented team has specialized expertise across product design & development, Manufacturing and Automation.

Product design & development (CAD)

SrinSoft product design and development teams offer superlative CAD/CAM/CAE solutions to assist the Engineering industry during the complete Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC). This will result in reduced time to market, cost minimization and high quality.

  • Concept Design
  • Detailed design
  • Analysis and Optimization
  • Digital Prototyping & Testing
  • Engineering Project data management using PDM

NC Programming (CAM)

SrinSoft has wide knowledge in manufacturing processes and applications in a multiple domains. We are continuing the success journey by providing zero-error NC solutions to our customers.

  • Creating NC codes for complicated Sheetmetal parts using ProE Wildfire 3.0
  • Designing of Sheetmetal parts & creating NC codes using Amada AP100 US

CAD Automation

SrinSoft uses the state-of-the-art technologies, rich and robust processes, and an extensive range of competencies. SrinSoft's Mechanical Design Services (MDS) include:

Computer-Aided Design(CAD)
  • Industrial Design
  • Part and Product Design
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Value Engineering
  • PLM & CAD solution
  • Engineering Resourcing

Manufacturing Engineering

  • Tool Design
    • Plastics
    • Castings
    • Press Tools
  • Sheet Metal Design
  • Fixtures and SPM
  • Functional Prototyping
  • NC Code Generation
  • Simulation

Legacy Conversion

SrinSoft converts Legacy design/drawing into fully parametric, feature-based associative & robust 3D CAD models. With the software technology available today, 3D digital solid models offers unprecedented possibilities for improving designs and cutting costs.

  • Efficient and intelligent CAD data conversion
  • Conversions at reduced cost without compromising on quality, service and security

Point Cloud Data Conversion

Point cloud data can be manipulated within any CAD software because the cloud itself acts as native CAD objects.

  • Multiple point clouds can be loaded
  • Functionality for showing and hiding of defined sections of point clouds and the possibility to vary the size of displayed points facilitate the orientation and evaluation during the processing
  • Supporting the CAD Object, Point Cloud provides access to every single observation point of the cloud
  • Inside a point cloud, it is possible to use all CAD commands for drawing. Usually the result is a 3D model or 3D mesh
  • These 3D Models are further modified and rendered to create the desired CAD model

BIM Automation

Standard Post with Image
Standard Post with Image
Standard Post with Image
Standard Post with Image

Architectural CAD Automation

  • SrinSoft has focused on Autodesk products since its inception
  • Partnered with Autodesk and Microsoft, SrinSoft has developed custom application to enhance the existing features in tools such as Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD and Inventor
  • SrinSoft uses software development tools like Visual C#, Visual Basic, VBA, ASP, .NET and Visual LISP etc to develop automation programs and Autodesk add-ins
  • These applications have the capability to directly access Revit functionality thus enhancing productivity
  • With years of engineering and software development experience, we can develop the right automation programs thus increasing ROI and reduce time to market

Revit customization

SrinSoft has a dedicated team of Revit API specialists who has a strong expertise; from creating small utilities that automate repetitive tasks to large applications that give your business the competitive edge. Our Revit Automation expertise includes

  • Developing tools which automate the routine tasks for BIM
  • Custom report generation
  • Integrating Revit with databases & ERP systems
  • Clash detection tools
  • Routing solutions for MEP
  • Integrating BIM standards in Revit
  • Custom Model review tools as per client specification
  • Material management tools for Architectural design
  • Custom drafting/detailing tools