Hadoop Development

SrinSoft offers Big Data analytics and data processing solutions to enterprises using advanced technologies of Hadoop and MongoDB. MongoDB is an open source document oriented NoSQL database system. With an interface of Hadoop framework we provide customized solutions for your business. Our experts know how to harness the power of Hadoop and MongoDB for providing critical business data analytics for your enterprise.

Our consultants are proficient in executing a thorough analysis and providing solutions which are just right for our clients. We perform end to end implementations for designing, creating, and maintaining powerful Business Intelligence solutions. Our services are aimed to offer insight into competitive markets by leveraging Hadoop and MongoDB solutions and augmenting their existing systems. SrinSoft has successfully deployed Hadoop clusters and MongoDB data manipulation platforms to myriad of industry verticals in achieving their business specific goals.

Hadoop Consulting & Development

Specifically, SrinSoft can help companies with:

  • Business Analytics &¬†Business Intelligence
  • Reporting Capabilities & Real-time Reporting
  • Interactive Reporting & Interactive Business Analytics
  • Search & Recommendation Engines
  • Data Mining & Data Aggregation
  • Performance Management
  • Solution Scaling
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data & Spatial Visualization
  • Cluster Grams & History Flows
  • Forecasting & Predictive Analytics
  • Scoring, Pattern Search & Rule Discovery

Hadoop Design, Architecture & Development

With Hadoop, SrinSoft can help companies and organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to the Fortune 500, design architecture to meet their mission critical and large scale data processing needs. Through Hadoop, we can design and create Big Data architecture that can integrate with other systems, extend to accommodate future growth and perform at a very high level.

SrinSoft Big Data design, architecture and development services include

  • Helping to define the applicable business use case(s)
  • Technology assessment and determination of right platform to integrate
  • Evaluation and definition of the architecture
  • Proof of concept and prototyping development
  • Benchmarking for performance
  • Development on databases, cloud apps, data warehouse and appliances, and hardware
  • Automation tool development for deployments, admin tasks and performance monitoring
  • From scratch app engineering for new big data platforms implementations
  • Building of distributed systems to ensure scaling
  • Algorithm development to handle custom processes
  • Re-engineering of apps for map-reduce and NoSQL platforms

About Hadoop

Hadoop is an open source software framework from Apache that enables companies and organizations to perform distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of commodity servers. Having to process huge amounts of data that can be structured and also complex or even unstructured, Hadoop possesses a very high degree of fault tolerance. It is able to scale up from a single server to thousands of machines, each offering local storage and computation. Instead of having to rely on high-end hardware to deliver high-availability, the software itself can detect and handle failures at the application layer, making the clusters of servers much more resilient even as they are prone to failures.


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  • Hadoop Consulting
  • Hadoop Integration
  • Hadoop Development
  • Architecture Strategy & Design
  • Configuration & Optimization
  • Data Mining & Aggregation
  • Big Data Solutions
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Analytics