IBM DB2 Development

SrinSoft offers a wide range of database administration services for IBM DB2 Universal Database (UDB) for Linux, UNIX and Windows (LUW) environments. These IBM DB2 DBA services are offered by the Virtual-DBA Service or through SrinSoft Professional Services group and address these current versions of DB2 and many of its tools:

  • Advanced Enterprise Server Edition
  • Enterprise Server Edition
  • Express Edition
  • Advanced Workgroup Server Edition
  • Workgroup Server Edition
  • Express-C
  • Developer Edition
  • BLU Acceleration
  • pureScale
  • pureXML

DB2 on Storage Area Network (SAN) Storage

SrinSoft database engineers can make recommendations (according to IBM’s best practices) on SAN storage for your database running on AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux or Microsoft Windows. These recommendations will include Logical Unit Number (LUN) sizes, RAID type, file system sizes—and where to place your data, indexes, and transaction logs to provide the best performance possible.

DB2 Performance Tuning

Poor Structured Query Language (SQL) statement performance and high-CPU usage on your DB2 server almost always indicates the need for performance tuning. SrinSoft can analyze your pain points and make recommendations on your DB2 configuration, memory settings and storage architecture. We will also analyze poor-performing SQL statements that may benefit from the correct index—and in some cases, a clustering index—to drastically reduce the amount of CPU your database server needs to use. These efforts can be performed against specific targets or as part of our Health Check package for DB2.

DB2 Memory Usage

Allocating memory on your DB2 server can be a daunting task, especially for DB2 V8 running on 32-bit architecture. We can make recommendations on how to divide your available memory into the places DB2 needs it the most, such as the bufferpools, sort heap, lock list, and utility heap. In the cases of DB2 ESE, DB2 WSE and DB2 Express-C instances on 64-bit architecture, which have more memory to work with, we can help you appropriately allocate that extra memory.

DB2 Upgrades

Upgrading your DB2 ESE or DB2 WSE instances to version 9 or 10.5…or migrating from V9.5 to V10.5? Whatever versions you work with, migrating to a new version of DB2 takes planning and experience. We can handle all aspects of your DB2 upgrade on AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux or Microsoft Windows—including code installation, instance migration, database migration and licensing.

DB2 Migration from 32-bit to 64-bit

Are you ready to get your DB2 ESE or WSE system out from under the 32-bit memory limits? If you’re planning a version upgrade or just want to take advantage of your 64-bit AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux or Microsoft Windows operating system, we can help you migrate your DB2 ESE or DB2 WSE instance to take advantage of the 64-bit architecture on Linux, UNIX and Windows.

DB2 Fix Packs

Fix Packs for DB2 include important changes to existing features (known as APARs) and additional features of which you should be taking advantage. SrinSoft can install the latest Fix Pack for your version of DB2 and help you take advantage of any new features.


HADR stands for High Availability Disaster Recovery. HADR is a database replication feature that provides a high-availability solution for both partial and complete site failures. HADR protects against data loss by replicating data changes from a source database, called the primary, to a target database, called the standby. SrinSoft can implement HADR in your DB2 environment and show you how to manage it.

DB2 Self-Tuning Memory Manager (STMM)

Starting with V9.1, DB2 comes with a new feature called STMM that allows DB2 to automatically handle memory allocation, so you can work on other things. SrinSoft can help you take full advantage of this essential feature.

DB2 Health Check

Wonder if you’re getting the most out of your DB2 ESE, WSE, or DWE database running on AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux or Microsoft Windows? Our DB2 Health Check service will not only answer the question, but also provide detailed solutions to help you maximize your operations. We do a deep analysis of your environment, database workload and database configuration to provide you an easy-to-read, management-level report illuminating the current state of your system—and any recommendations to improve its performance and availability.

DB2 SQL Replication

DB2 SQL Replication can be very useful for setting up a reporting database, a test database or even a high-availability failover database. SrinSoft DB2 SQL replication services comes standard with DB2 ESE and WSE, and DB2 Express. Our trained engineers can help you gather requirements, implement, and manage your replication solution—either remotely or on-site.

Backup and Recovery

The best solution for avoiding costly downtime and catastrophic data loss in any production environment is to implement a preventive maintenance strategy, before problems occur. SrinSoft can work with you to identify potential problems, produce a course of action and implement both proactive data security solutions and streamlined recovery strategies.

Problem Analysis

SrinSoft has assisted many clients dealing with performance, configuration or implementation issues with their DB2 environments. Whether you are experiencing issues with the DB2 system setup and configuration, or tools such as DB2 Connect, DB2 Query Patroller or DB2 Information Integrator, we can help! Typically, a simple assessment by one of our trained database administrators leads to a clear recommendation that we can work with you to implement.

DB2 Development

The role of the database administrator is often overlooked in database development efforts. SrinSoft has deep experience working with in-house development teams—in developer, DBA and architect roles. Our experts can help with SQL writing and tuning, reviews of data models, performance, data modeling and general best practices. SrinSoft can come to you, on-site, or work remotely as needed with the Virtual-DBA service.

DB2 Security and Auditing

One of the biggest concerns around any database is security. SrinSoft has developed and implemented security measures for clients crossing a wide range of industries, and we can assist you to insure that proper measures are in place for your DB2 environment. Our engineers will work with you to identify potential problems, produce a course of action, and implement system-wide security strategies that meet the needs of your business.

IBM Tivoli System Automation (TSA)

IBM Tivoli System Automation (TSA) is cluster-managing software that facilitates the automatic switching of users, applications and data from one system to another within a cluster. In the event of a failure, TSA is commonly used with DB2 High-Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) to automate the takeover of database operations from the primary HADR database server to the standby database server. SrinSoft can implement both HADR and TSA to satisfy your disaster recovery requirements.

DB2 Software Licensing

As an IBM Business Partner SrinSoft can assist you with licensing for the entire Information Management Product family and all the DB2 family of databases products and tools.

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