AS400 Integration with WebMethods

AS400 Integration with WebMethods

Client Summary

  • Client is based out of Richmond, Virginia involved in full service freight transportation has 160000 employees, 30,000 trailers.
  • Their annual turnover is US$ 5 billion and employees over 10,000 people

Executive Summary

  • This project is to streamline the multi-technology integration process and track the audit of data transfer

Problem Statement

  • Strong End to End Solution with a clear way to have consolidated diagnostics
  • The complexity of multiple applications and technologies slows support new applications and increases additional hardware deployment often.
  • Software licensing fees for multiple products and multiple vendor management
  • Cost of system outages due to Quality of Service issues.
  • With all this, also preserve and use existing business logic and client code


  • Integrate all the iSeries and AS400 systems and solutions with 3rd Party applications, through web Methods implementation.
  • Design multiple components and services for the iSeries to exchange data with other applications.
  • Able to handle thousands of transactions per second and system configuration for high availability.
  • Any format of the data of file system was processed and send to Mainframe systems.

Business Benefits

  • All existing iSeries programs were utilized effectively with lesser maintenance cost. Any enhancement required done to the WM layer.
  • Multiple web services were provided directly to the end users to provide more accessibility to the systems and increase availability.
  • Data redundancy and replication cost is reduced and thus increasing the review.
  • Increase interoperability to support Mobile application and any web technologies.