BIM Design Services

Srinsoft provides BIM Design Services that include design and analysis, cost estimation, 3D modeling, 2D drafting, conversion from 2D to 3D, quantity take-off, construction documentation and design of mechanical components etc. Our professionals have expertise in Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Inventor, Microstation, Creo, SolidWorks etc.

Srinsoft actively help customers to enhance overall project efficiency and margin by achieving complete coordination among all designers, consultants and contractors through integration of all project data in a single digital model. Srinsoft provides coordinated services between Architectural, Structural, MEP, and BIM for Infrastructure services.

Srinsoft's BIM Design Services Include:

    • Point Cloud Conversion
    • Raster to Vector
    • Revit Design & Drafting
    • 2D CAD Drawings
    • Revit Conversion
    • Revit Family Creation Services
    • SolidWorks Design
    • SolidWorks Conversion
    • Creo Design
    • Creo Conversion

Architectural Design

Srinsoft maintains a reputation for delivering exceptional architectural design services to government, research, education, private sector, and industrial clients. The firm's extensive services ranges from the planning and design of technically sophisticated restaurants, private sector industrial buildings, office, manufacturing, and Warehouse projects.

Srinsoft's architects are experienced at identifying client needs and program requirements and translating that knowledge into responsive design solutions. Srinsoft's design team consistently delivers functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable solutions.

Srinsoft's Architectural Design Services Include:

Schematic design
  • Exterior view of the building
  • Interior view of the building
  • 3D Visualization
  • 2D CAD Drafting
Design Development
  • Elevations
  • Floor plans
  • Building schemes
  • Information on material specifications, quantities, time schedules and costs
Construction Document
  • Building Sections
  • Staircase/Vertical Circulation details
  • Construction details
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Concept Design

Design concept is the primary logic behind the design. Our designers study and understand the space to think about the concept and create a framework for how the space should be.

Conceptual descriptions set at the early stages of the design process are used to frame some general design approach. Interpreting the output of the design action confers meaning on the concepts. Conceptual frameworks can assist in setting boundaries and framing reasonable objectives.

AEC_Design_Services AEC_Design_Services AEC_Design_Services AEC_Design_Services

Architectural Detailing

Srinsoft with help builders, contractors, architects, and civil engineers to optimize their needs on architecture detailing. Our architecture detailing services help you focus on core business while we leverage our experience and expertise in drafting accurate architecture detail drawings.

Contractors and builders have a huge dependence on architecture detail drawings. Therefore, it is imperative to place construction data in relevant layers so as to avoid modifications at a later stage.

Our team comprised of experienced engineers and architects, leverage latest tools and technologies to create dimensionally accurate all types of architectural details.

Srinsoft's Architectural Detailing Services

    • Dimensional Plans
    • Site Plan Layouts
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Structural Design

Srinsoft's caters to the demands of structural engineering services pertaining to steel, composite, reinforced concrete, pre-stress, post tensioned and masonry structures to name a few.

Serving as an extend arm to structural engineering firms, we have worked for a lot of complex and structurally demanding projects that involve load calculation, foundation design, retaining wall design, roof structure, beam/slab/column/frame design, Steel /Concrete/ RCC structure design etc.

Srinsoft's Structural Design Services

  • Preparation of Accurate 3D Models for the Complete Structure from the Architectural and Structural Drawings
  • Detailing for Structural designs
  • Detailed Construction/Working Drawings for structures
  • Shop Drawings of Beams, Columns, Joists, Stairs, Lintels, Roof Frames, Shelf Angles, Bearing Plates, Frames, Bracings and Wall Partition Supports
  • Accurate Quantity Take-Off and Cost Estimates for Bidding / Procurement / Construction planning
  • 3D Modeling and Production sequences / Erection Drawings for Construction Management and Visualization
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Structural Detailing

SrinSoft delivers Structural Detailing Services for all types of buildings and materials. Our structural engineers do a thorough requirement analysis and provide solutions to detailing projects of high complexity with efficiency. Our project portfolio includes structural steel/rebar/concrete detailing services for giant landmark structures and magnificent buildings worldwide. We have great knowledge in international building codes and structural detailing standards and have worked on a wide range of projects for industrial plants and refineries, infrastructural facilities like airports, bridges, highways, parking lots etc, high-rise and low-rise buildings and many more.

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MEP Design Services

Mechanical Services

    • Mechanical Equipment Detailing (sections and isometric)
    • Mechanical Components Modeling (with connections)
    • Walk-Through of MEP / BIM Models
    • Rendered views of Mechanical BIM Models
    • BOQ of Ducts, Duct Fittings, Mechanical Equipment, Diffusers, Grills, etc.

Mechanical Piping

    • Mechanical Room Layout Models
    • Sleeve / Penetration Drawings
AEC Design Services

Electrical BIM Services

    • Rendering of BIM Model with Lights
    • Walk through of Electrical BIM Model
    • BOQ of Electrical Elements
    • Schedules of circuits and panel boards
    • Cable trays in BIM Electrical Model as per given drawings

Plumbing BIM Services

    • Sanitary Fixture Revit Models
    • Water supply and Distribution Plan Drafting services
    • Equipment Schedules
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Interior Design

SrinSoft is not limited to artistic dimensions but we are a complete one-stop shop, providing end-to-end services to bring you vision into realms of reality. Our wide experience and in-depth knowledge of architecture, furniture and art along with the latest technology from Italy leads us to create interior spaces that are timeless, luxurious and unique. The blend of textures, color and furniture creates exceptional living environments that are relaxed and comfortable.

  • Design with concept development, such as space planning, color concept, material selection and furnishings selection.
  • Design amusing furniture layout, lighting and interior elements.
  • We provide interior design for commercial, institutions and hotels.
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Rendering / Walkthrough Services

SrinSoft provides services to architectural firms, interior designers, builders and real estate. Our teams of well-trained, qualified, and experienced designers are proficient in addressing your precise needs. SrinSoft creates high detailed, realistic 3D architectural renderingsĀ on projects around the world ranging from various industries by collaborating with architects, designers, developers, builders. We provide 3D renderings with the exact design, material and lighting specifications of your scheme, including people, vegetation, fixtures, fittings, furniture. We have expertise in 3DS Max, Vray, Skectchup and other rendering software's.

SrinSoft Rendering /Walkthrough Services Include

    • 3D Architectural Animation
    • 3D Architectural Flyby and Walkthrough
    • Landscape designing
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Drafting Services

CAD Conversion Services

SrinSoft offers a wide range of CAD conversion services, including AutoCAD conversion, paper and PDF to CAD conversion etc.,

SrinSoft CAD Conversion services include
    • Hand Sketches to CAD Conversion
    • Scanned Documents to CAD conversion
    • Photographs to CAD Conversion
Advantages of CAD Conversion services
  • The ability to create renderings and animations for design proposals or reviews
  • Faster product design
  • Easily incorporate late design changes
  • Data management to organize and manage your design data
CAD Conversion

Legacy Conversion & 2D to 3D Conversion

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Independent Testing Independent Testing

Content Creation

SrinSoft has a dedicated team of experts to create Autodesk Seek compatible Revit Content for Autodesk Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Revit Structure. Creating accurate, efficient building information models that conform to your company's standards. We create system family which can be used by a particular system and standard family which can be created and used by several users.

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