Business Models

Customized delivery model as per the market demand and different SLA management for 24/7 support services

Business Models

Association Models

  • Exclusive Offshore Development Centre (ODC)
  • Project Based Delivery Model
  • Sub-contracting Partner Model
  • Business Relationship Model
  • Co-Market Model

Delivery Models

  • Offshore Development Centre (ODC)
  • Onsite Development and Delivery
  • Hybrid Model

Service Level Methodologies

  • Service Level Agreement
  • Service Level Matrix

Measuring Service Levels

  • Responsiveness
  • Backlog Management Index
  • Schedule Adherence
  • Defect Density
  • Fix Quality

Engagement Models

  • Time and Materials
  • Fixed Price
  • SLAs or Retention
  • Turn-key
  • Staff Augmentation

Transition Models

  • Crash Transition
  • Phased Transition

Delivery Model

business models

Offshore Delivery Model

The entire project development, right from the initial requirement analysis till the final testing is done at the Offshore Delivery Center (ODC)of SrinSoft Technologies in Chennai. Projects with well-defined goals, where changes from the predetermined parameters are unlikely, work well with this model

Onsite Delivery Model

The experts from SrinSoft Technologies are deployed at the client's site. In cases where a project needs variability/specific type of resources, this model is handy.

Hybrid Delivery Model

It is a combination of both onsite and offshore delivery models to bring the best of both worlds, along with maximizing efficiency and optimizing costs. Direct interaction with the clients and coordination with the offshore team is done by the onsite team.

Offshore Delivery Model

offshore delivery

This model best suits projects with a well-defined 'Project Plan'. We interact on a regular basis with the client to manage the requirements for outsourcing. Interaction takes place through fax, telephone, email, and instant messaging. The client is always up to date with the project status through video and Tele-conference.

While an offshore model is the most cost-effective solution for most clients, the model has an inherent high level of risk. Risk management is therefore a critical success factor. A risk plan document listing risks and contingency plan is setup and maintained to make sure that the project is delivered on time and within budget.

Onsite Delivery Model

There are times when the project scope is not clearly defined, or the project is open-ended, iterative in nature. For such situations, we prefer to use an Onsite Delivery Model where work is performed onsite. During the assignment the SrinSoft professionals report to the Onsite Project Manager or the Client Technical Manager.

We provide clients with well-qualified professionals and programmers in relevant domains, and technologies. Our services include requirements gathering and technology assessment, creating functional specifications, design, coding, testing, maintenance and support.We distinctively follow this model in offshore and onsite delivery.

onsite delivery

Hybrid Delivery Model

hybrid delivery

SrinSoft's Development methodology in a hybrid model allows geographically distributed teams and specialists to work in tandem from multiple locations worldwide, ensuring expertise across global locations with minimal travel as illustrated. It also supports involvement of specialist groups like architects, usability designers, business analysts, quality assurance and process experts from different locations to form a Virtual Team.

Hybrid delivery model combines the advantages of onsite and offshore delivery models and offers highly cost effective products and solutions to our clients in shorter time span. In this model the stages are pre-identified and grouped under either the onsite or the offshore delivery model at the beginning of the association or identified and regrouped during the association to achieve the best results.