BIM Interoperability Solutions

Seamless conversion between CAD, BIM and Design Software.

cad interoperability

CAD Interoperability

Our interoperability products can seamlessly convert your CAD to BIM and BIM to CAD to save your design time and cost.

SrinSoft has revolutionized the engineering world with its complete suite of products, by enabling engineers to conveniently exchange design data between mechanical and BIM environment without recreating the model in Revit. The user-friendly UI and model simplification options make the interoperable tools effective and easily adaptable even for beginners in designing.

BXF – BIM Exchange File is a proprietary file format of SrinSoft that supports seamless file transaction between Mechanical Design, Conceptual Design, Architectural and Animation Software.

It’s an intelligent tool to fetch the appropriate geometry & meta-data and import the same in any of the software packages from the above

Unlike other intermediate file formats, BXF facilitates the user to choose specific parts and assemblies along with the properties of respective elements.

BXF creates 3D geometries while maintaining the respective model hierarchy.

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Upcoming BIMDeX Products

Revit SolidWorks SketchUp Rhino Maya Creo Inventor
Revit to SolidWorks SolidWorks to Revit SketchUp to Revit Rhino to Revit Maya to Revit Creo to Revit Inventor to Revit
Revit to SketchUp SolidWorks to Rhino SketchUp to SolidWorks Rhino to SolidWorks Maya to SolidWorks Creo to Rhino Inventor to Rhino
Revit to Rhino SolidWorks to SketchUp SketchUp to Rhino Rhino to SketchUp Maya to Rhino Creo to Maya Inventor to Maya
Revit to Maya SolidWorks to Maya SketchUp to Maya Rhino to Maya Maya to SketchUp Creo to SketchUp Inventor to SolidWorks
Revit to Creo SolidWorks to Creo SketchUp to Creo Rhino to Creo Maya to Creo Creo to SolidWorks Inventor to Creo
Revit to Tekla SolidWorks to Tekla SketchUp to Tekla Rhino to Tekla Maya to Tekla Creo to Tekla Inventor to Tekla
Revit to Inventor SolidWorks to Inventor SketchUp to Inventor Rhino to Inventor Maya to Inventor Creo to Inventor Inventor to SketchUp