CAD to BIM Conversion

CAD to BIM Conversion

Executive Summary

A case study on how BIMDeX Solutions helped a UK-based architectural company saved 70% of their design time.

Business Challenge

Government regulation on mandate 3D BIM model standards in Revit consists of both 3D geometrical and non-graphical data

Company requires an efficient delivery at the design and construction phases of the project

During model design the designers, clients and end users need to work together to develop the most suited design and test it on the computer before it is built

Facilities Management requires as built 3D model to analyze the constructed building and perform periodical maintenance

Control the proprietary information, internal components of 3D design of the SolidWorks model


BIMDeX has implemented the BXF solution with following attributes

Maintain the 3D format in Revit

Transfer all parametric information including geometry, parameters, units, materials etc.

Creates parametric Revit families/Projects from SolidWorks parts and assemblies.

Provides option to exclude the components of Library, Part/Assembly, Pattern and Hidden components

Converts the SolidWorks model into Revit in minutes without recreating.

Business Benefits

Our remarkable solution enabled the following benefits :

Boost delivery and operational efficiency

Reduce cost and improve value

Improve collaboration across the supply chain

improve quality of customer outcomes

User friendly and native like model creation from Solidworks to Revit

Secure the proprietary information

Client Summary

UK based multinational construction company founded on 1978. Company operates in building construction, infrastructure construction, investment & development, modular manufacturing, engineering expertise and support services

Their annual turnover is US $ 3100 million. Projects sectors including, building, transport, power, water & utilities, mining & natural resources and oil & gas