Cloud Computing Solution Provider

Build, Manage, Migrate, Maintain the cloud-based application in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

Cloud Computing Solution Provider

clound computing

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services-servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics etc. over the Internet (the cloud).

SrinSoft helps you to choose and manage the cloud with our Cloud Computing Solutions. We support and manage the world's leading cloud platforms which facilitate the customer setting up the environment in the combination of private, public, hybird and multi cloud saving you the pain and complexity of doing it yourself.

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Most Cloud Computing Solutions fall into three broad categories: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (Saas). These are sometimes called the cloud computing stack, because they build on top of one another. Knowing what they are and how they are different makes it easier to accomplish your business goals

Cloud Deployments

Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Owned and operated by a third-party cloud service provider, multi-tenant architecture scalable, for unstable visitors/traffic.


Private Cloud

Exclusive cloud resources for single organization. Single tenant environment and dedicated servers with high security.


Hybrid Cloud

Combination of public, private clouds and data centers for data and application sharing. Ideal for flexibility and more deployment options.


Multi Cloud

Combination of multiple cloud providers for seamless data and application sharing. Rely on multiple cloud providers for multiple applications.

Cloud adoption strategies


Harness improved connectivity and address performance issues by moving existing or new application to a cloud platform of your choice.


Selection of the best cloud platform, architecture, technology, and services requires thorough industry insights.


Rely on multiple cloud providers - such as AWS, Microsoft, OpenStack and VMware - for multiple applications.


SrinSoft helps protect your Cloud software environment while it is running in production. We take care of performance optimization, hardware & software configuration and monitoring cloud assets.


SrinSoft practices DevOps approach to leverage continuous innovation, integration and development by managing our internal processes and integrating your internal IT teams.


SrinSoft designs ingenious disaster recovery plans to omit data loss and ensure the highest level of availability for applications in the cloud.

Cloud deployments

DevOps Consulting Services

devops consulting

SrinSoft's DevOps service offering includes standardized approch for mobile, enterprise and cloud. DevOps is a software development methodology which integrates the functions of development & operations in the same cycle with a large emphasis on automation of build, deployment and testing. DevOps tools allow automation of development and release environments and make the QA, test and release processes more predictable, standardized, efficient and secure.

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