Collaborative Work Sharing in Cloud integrated with Windchill

Collaborative Work Sharing in Cloud integrated with Windchill

Client Summary

  • US based largest energy techniques and selling energy company provides energy solutions helping utilities and industries to manage electricity from the point of generation to the point of consumption
  • Their annual turnover is US$ 37 billion and global presence in 130 countries

Executive Summary

  • A case study on how SrinSoft helped a US-based energy techniques company adopted Revit cloud work-sharing with Windchill synchronization.

Business Challenge

  • The client would like to build a platform to integrate Revit with custom built windchill in client server.
  • User collaboration in Revit with Windchill Synchronization
  • Need to generate Revit sheets in a dedicated CAD Document linked to main Revit CAD Document.
  • Collaborative work environment with revision management
  • Secure file transfer in collaborative work sharing


  • SrinSoft has built and implemented the solution with following processes
  • Solution to work on Revit central files in multiple geolocation amazon cloud-based setup
  • Procedure to publish Revit projects, reference files for lifecycle management
  • Option to publish drawing sheets from Revit projects as DWG/DWF/PDF
  • Option to publish BOM for each category in Revit
  • Create relationships and dependencies from files generated from Revit (Like Sheets, BOM, Reference files etc.) and represent those references in client custom built windchill server
  • Version control on Revit data to record complete traceability of changes
  • Manage Revit data within the client custom built Windchill server with the engineering industry change management process
  • Publish 3D model as viewable (Creo View) to Windchill
  • Identifying changes in Revit sheets and perform iterations for sheets
  • Cloud-based collaborative work sharing integrated with AWS cloud

Business Benefits

  • Cloud-based works sharing in multiple locations with revision management
  • Increased operational efficiency and improved user productivity
  • Can perform PDM actions from Revit
  • Change Management Process implemented
  • Secure collaborative work sharing environment and seamless integration
  • Delivered a cost-effective solution