Creo Automation to create BIM model

Creo Automation to create BIM model

Executive Summary

A case study on how BIMDeX Solutions helped Germany based electrical equipment manufacturing company to automate their BIM file creation from Creo parametric.

Business Challenge

Architectural and construction companies are demanding BIM models of the electrical equipment for space planning, 3D models with properties information

Multiple configurations of models need to be converted for every customer requirement in eleven countries

Controlling internal components and proprietary information to be transferred to BIM models


BIMDeX has implemented the automated conversion solution with following attributes

Server-based CAD worker conversion using BXF converter as a batch process

The efficient filter of required components in BIMDeX Creo exporter facilitated the manufacturer to control over the proprietary data

Converts the Creo model into Revit in minutes without recreating

End to End automation in Creo to Revit conversion

Supports geometric simplification

Business Benefits

Boost delivery and operational efficiency

Reduce cost and improve the value

Testing & Integration

improve the quality of customer outcomes

User-friendly and native-like a model creation from Creo to Revit

Secure the proprietary information

Complete automation helps quick turnaround time on BIM model creation

Client Summary

Germany based manufacturer of electrical installations in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. products are energy distribution and cable management to electrical wiring, building automation & security systems.

Their company operates in 28 production units in eleven countries Their annual turnover is Euro 1.9 Billion.