Custom CAD Plugin’s - Revit & Navisworks

Model Slicer Plugin - Revit

Design Process Automation
  • Section Revit models automatically and repeatedly by using preconfigured settings.

  • Option to section based on Room boundary

  • Option to batch export of views created through DPR Model Slicer to DWG, DWF, or NWC format

Quality Check Plugin - Revit

Engineering Business Process Automation

  • Quality Control check process for created family objects.

  • Generates a detailed report document and schedule because of the QC process.

  • Creates an instance for each type of the family object, place them in order and exports a screenshot of the resultant project

Custom Property Manager - Navisworks

Design Process Automation
  • This tool creates custom properties in Navisworks objects based on external data

  • Option to set object data mapping with external data source

  • Bi-Directional data exchange between Navisworks and external data