Data Lake Architecture

Data Lake Architecture


SrinSoft Data Lake Services help you build, assess, and leverage data lake environments. We help our clients to manage and govern your data efficiently, more secured, and ready for analytics. Our team is well-versed in leveraging the benefits of data lakes and related technologies such as Hadoop, Cassandra, and object stores like Amazon S3 and Azure Blob.

Business Benefits – Data Lake

  • Insights from Noncurated Data
  • New Forms of Analytics
  • Corporate Memory Retention
  • New Approach to Data Integration


Our Services Include

Data Lake Architectures – Centres of competency and organizational models; governance models; metadata and data management; security, authentication, and auditing; recommendations for data access and provisioning; cluster, configuration, and performance optimization
• Data Lake Foundations – Ingest, metadata and lifecycle pilots; security models; trusted data treatments and publishing, secure export and transport to Hadoop analytics zone or external platforms.
• Data Lake Analytics – Modeling, materialization and preparation for analytic and BI tools; event-based OLAP analytics and discovery and exploratory analytics within data labs