Design Automation - McDonalds Standards

Design Automation - McDonalds Standards


The workflow and processes associated with equipment data with the customer are highly redundant and require significant manual effort on the part of multiple departments to manage this information.

As the business processes used to manage the data are both simultaneous and iterative there was a need for an integrated system to improve the management of data used on a project.


Development of complete web-based project lifecycle management system covering various phases of activities like Sales, Planning, Conception, Design, Analysis, Documentation, Production / Procurement, Construction, Logistics, Coordination, etc.

Web based 3D Viewing system with bi-directional data exchange with Revit including interface to ERP.

Project collaboration tools with support for mobile interface


Business Benefits

  • Increased collaboration with all departments including field staff
  • Ability to extract, store, and compare model data for projects across the enterprise resulting in increased efficiency, knowledge and business intelligence