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Building Permit Management System

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Cloud based Unified C3D Converter


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Design Process Automation Revit

structural design

The workflow and processes associated with equipment data with the customer are highly redundant and require significant manual effort on the part of multiple departments to manage this information Manual data duplication and no data sync As the business processes used to manage the data are both simultaneous and iterative there was a need for an integrated system to improve the management of data used on a project

BIM Documentation Automation - AutoCAD

Business Challenge

Manual effort required on generating 2D detailing from Revit data.

Manual creation of non-schedule data from excel spreadsheet.


Custom DWG export with automatic cleanup of 2D data including conversion of tags as attributes, maintaining complete view XREF shared across all sheets

Maintaining XREF for complete view as per category like all annotations , geometry, etc. as separate XREF

Bi-directional excel data exchange for creating drafting views from Excel sheets retaining all formatting information

Custom naming conventions for export for views, blocks, files etc.

Business Benefits

Reduction of 2D detailing time by more than 70%.

Reduction of error by more than 50%.

Faster design iterations.