Logistics Solution - Routing Management

Logistics Solution - Routing Management

Client Summary

  • Client is based out of Richmond, Virginia involved in full service freight transportation has 160000+ employees more than 6,700 tractors and 30,000 trailers, and a network of 200+ terminals.
  • Their annual turnover is US$ 5 billion

Executive Summary

  • Leading, full-service freight transportation provider offering a complete range of shipping solutions including LTL, time critical, volume & truckload, global and custom solution. Since the customer is a market leader in LTL loads they would like to plan their delivery efficiently to save operation cost and time.

Business Challenge

  • Route and Driver planning for every day is a tedious process which requires a sperate administration department to create a plan with a time of delivery.
  • Additional goods collection on the route plan is not possible. The company needs to invest in separate pickup team and administration for everyday planning.
  • Individual customer delivery on different schedule demands separate transportation of goods.
  • Tracking the driver is a tedious process and difficult to reroute on natural disaster and local events.


  • Upload deliveries via Excel/CSV doc, manually add, or sync data from the management system. Plan for one day or for the whole month and include private memos for the crew.
  • The developed application has automated Route schedules and administrator can perform following actions
  • Make adjustments if necessary
  • Approve plans
  • Commit for execution
  • Quick approval of routes to drivers and risk mitigation plan on the ad-hoc situation.
  • Easy rerouting of best possible routes based on natural calamities and pickup orders.
  • The application is compatible in iPad, iPhone, laptop browser etc., easy intuitive UI designed on latest Angular and HTML5 based UI design.
  • Real-time updates can be shared from the hand-held device from the driver which can be updated on tracking website for customer to schedule their pick up on time.

Business Benefits

  • Faster go to the market and staying competitive
  • On the fly update deployment and configuration without any session and data loss
  • The end user would get a personalized user experience and application flow
  • Faster ROI
  • Easy driver tracking, real-time updates, rerouting plans instantly