Generative Design Architecture

Generative Design Architecture


Generative Design Architecture is a programming-based approach for Architecture that is becoming increasingly popular amongst the Construction & General Contractors. However, most Generative Design approaches were thought for traditional CAD tools and are not adequate for the recent BIM paradigm. In this context, we help clients in providing solution that extends Generative Design automation, so that it can be used with BIM while preserving and taking advantage of BIM ideas. Our solutions are supported and evaluated by developing a connection between Revit, other BIM tools, programming environment for Generative Design, and by implementing the necessary programming language features that allows Generative Design to be used in the context of BIM tool.

SrinSoft Generative Design Services:

• Workflow Automation
• Script Development Consulting
• Plugin Development
• Algorithmic Geometry

Generative Design for a Leading Restaurant Chain in the United States

Generative Design - Business Challenge

The workflow and processes associated with design data of the customer are highly redundant and require significant manual effort for multiple design iterations.

As the design process are both simultaneous and iterative there was a need for multiple design options that the designers could choose from.

Generative Design - Solution

Development of Revit based automation solution to generate multiple design options based on the options/parameters provided and the design standards of Mc Donald’s.

Provide wizard-based based rich user interface which will drive the designer to design interiors For McD stores which has specific Standards (portfolios).

Ability to maintain Revit families / materials (content management).

Solution for Generative Design


Generative Design - Business Benefits

Ability to extract, store, and compare design data for projects across the enterprise, resulting in increased efficiency, knowledge and business intelligence

Increased Turn Around Time and Cost Efficient

Benefits of Generative Design