Robust IBM i Application Migration

Robust IBM i Application Migration

Client Overview

The client had the necessity to modernize the current system to extend the value of aging platforms and current systems that requires to adopt modern approaches along with efficient technologies. This can be accomplished whilst removing the operational constraints that inhibit growth and agile response to revolutions in the business environment.

Why SrinSoft:

SrinSoft has an enviable expertise on IBM i (AS400/iSeries/System i) developing custom applications, enhancing ERP applications and modernizing Legacy Screens. With extensive experience in all key domains such as Insurance, Healthcare, Banking, Manufacturing and Distribution/Retail whereas we provide IT Consulting, Application Development and Software Maintenance Services on IBM i (AS400/iSeries/System i) platform. We support custom applications as well as ERPs like JD Edwards, SAP, INFOR JBA System21, Aurora, BPCS, etc.


The client project has been split into two major portions in order to have a clear path in terms of modernization of the application and phase wise approaches.

The first phase is the “Investigation and Planning” that includes:

  • PoC in order to provide a sample view of modernized application
  • Understanding the current application
  • Modernization strategy and the path forward that includes the scope of application modernization at each module and technical component level
  • High-level modernization plan that includes timeline and resourcing requirements for the recommended modernization project.

The second phase is the ‘Actual Modernization’ that includes:

  • Convert RPGLE/CLLE/IBM i native objects to modernized application along with the up-to-date suggestion is Microsoft C#/.Net environment
  • Migrate relevant DB2 PF/LF/Queries to MS SQL Server that provides several advantages.
  • Mitigation of 3rd party tools and interfaces
  • Phased implementation, support, technical documentation and training.
application casestudy

Business Benefits

The client modernization project was implemented with minimum disruption using a low-risk, gradual, iterative modernization process to ensure no loss of business continuity. This gradual and nondisruptive process allows migration without any risk or down time. The list of business benefits mentioned below:

  • Synchronizes Business process with modern technologies.
  • Improved response to change in Business logic.
  • Increased Operational speed and efficiency.
  • Timely access to accurate enterprise information.
  • Efficient management of Suppliers/Vendors/Distribution Channels.
  • Shortens development and time-to-market cycles.