IBM iSeries AS400 Support Tools

Nutech WMS Implementation - Warehouse Automation
We have expertise in implementing, customizing and migrating Nutech WMS. We offer excellent support for linking JBA-Viewpoint and can create many functions using Viewpoint and JBA files to provide critical information for the users. We done onsite implementation also for these projects.

SEQUEL - Quick Reports Generation
ASC-SEQUEL is another area where we fashioned various old style reports into attractive & easily importable reports through SEQUEL Client & View. We link the iSeries programs in SEQUEL scripts and create number of complicated reports. We are experts in Viewpoint Sequel Reports and in using Sequel with EnterpriseOne for Query and Reporting.

TL Ashford - Barcode System
SrinSoft has done many projects in Barcode400. Barcode400 is a native Labeling Software for the System i software that gives you the ability to design and print labels directly from your System i in minutes Compliance and RFID labeling is just as easy using Barcode400's tools and templates.

Hawkeye Pathfinder
Hawkeye Pathfinder is a documentation, cross reference and impact analysis package. It also specifies that how they are used, where they are used and what they do. We can analyze:- - Programs - Files - Fields - System/User Object SrinSoft has in-depth experience in Hawkeye tool which allows editing and compiling source without leaving the package.

Vertex - Tax Solution
Vertex is one of the leading Tax solution providers. Vertex has coupled tax expertise and technology knowledge to provide tax solutions that meet the demanding needs of enterprises and corporate tax departments around the world. SrinSoft has good experience in Setup, Customization and Reports in integrating Vertex with System/21.

ACOM - Document Output
ACOM is a tool for Design & print your own invoices, purchase orders, checks, packing slips, statements, and other important documents. You can create a single Enterprise Document Output Format stored "Native on the iSeries" that can be easily Laser Printed, Faxed, e-Mailed and saved as a PDF File. SrinSoft has done many value addition projects in ACOM such as:
  • Form Overlays for
    • Invoice
    • Acknowledgements
    • Purchase Orders
FaxStar - Faxing Solution
FaxStar Assistant was specifically designed to meet all iSeries/AS400 fax and email needs. You can manage traffic, create and send small memos in the word processor, and automate spooled file distribution. SrinSoft has profound knowledge in:
  • Configuration of FaxStar
  • Sending fax from spool
  • Maintenance

AS400 Change Management Tools

SrinSoft is having wide experience in following iSeries change management tools that automatically controls, tracks and audits all activities within the development and maintenance lifecycle.
  • Turnover
  • Aldon
  • Thenon
  • Implementor
RJS Document Management
SrinSoft has done many integration of the Document Manager to System i which will take care of the following activities:
  • Data Collection
  • Digitize and Manage doc
  • Distribute document