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SrinSoft’s Buildings Practice provides a full range of architectural and multi-disciplinary engineering services catering to all companies in the Construction world. We have worked with various leading companies and projects across various building sectors - residential, mixed-use, commercial, retail, hospitals etc.

Our services vary from supporting our clients on individual projects to establishing multi-disciplinary teams to support them on an on-going basis, helping increase their efficiency and effectiveness through reduced costs & shorter schedules; to supporting our clients in their new technology initiatives / projects like sustainability, alternative energy, and green building projects.

SrinSoft provides coordinated services between Architectural, Structural, and MEPF services to reduce co-ordination efforts and conflicts between the disciplines for the client.


SrinSoft helps manufacturers build automated experiences through:

Growth transformation. Through connected services and experiences, we enable manufacturers to can connect with customers in new ways while enabling the workforce to collaborate and innovate faster.

Operational transformation. By building connected business networks and smart factories, we help manufacturers can automate and scale manufacturing and aftermarket processes and provide better response to demand

We collaborate with our clients as their extended engineering arm to transform manufacturing challenges into full scale solutions.

We integrate our diversified knowledge and experience with latest engineering technologies to support our clients in developing right solutions to meet specific production requirements.


We help our clients in achieving automation to enhance operational efficiency, reduce human intervention and meet required safety parameters.

We support our clients throughout the engineering project life-cycle, from concept design to field support.

We utilize latest project management tools and techniques to provide a dynamic and complete view of project progress at any point of time.

We have a deep understanding and expertise of working on major controls platforms and CAD software. We have also developed a core technical services team to handle platform standardization, migration and procurement support using different ERP tools.


Logistics & Distribution is the process of strategically managing the efficient flow and storage of goods and services from the point of origin to the final consumption.

The management of Logistics involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling and packaging.

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Insurance providers are seeking new and innovative methods to conduct business. So it is very difficult for IT solution providers to respond quickly to new application requirements.

We understand this criticality and work as a support system for solution providers and internal IT team by developing those solutions. We also provide consulting, systems development, support and maintenance services.

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In an increasingly competitive industry, Healthcare Payers and Providers have to effectively use technology to achieve an interconnected, streamlined, efficient, and consumer-focused environment. SrinSoft with its track record of providing healthcare solutions is rightly positioned as a technology partner. Our forte lies in perfecting processes and skills that focus on a customer's unique business needs.

software services leverage our expertise in clearly defining the business goals of our customers by choosing the most appropriate technology and developing solutions that fits with their business identifiers. Our mission strongly reflects this focused approach to healthcare application development that helps provide a much greater business value.

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Information technology is the very essence of today's telecommunications industry. The main challenge faced by the telecom industry is to find a balance between the technology solutions need and the investments done on it.

Providing telecom services requires a massive amount of information technology (IT) support. In telecom, complex and dynamic tariff structures require secured IT systems for mediation, rating and billing. Real-time processes such as billing of prepaid accounts require a fully automated technology process chain. Moreover, IT has become an integral part of telecom products & services and will continue to be in the future. The number and dimensions of a company's customer segments and the sales and service channels through which customers are being served drives the IT investment of the organization.

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The retail industry has witnessed many physical and technological changes, leading to consolidations, reformation and also reorganizing the way the business is done. The use of leading edge technology to precisely assess the requirements of the business, and proficiently and successfully implementing a solution is a critical part of building competitive advantage.

Shorter product life cycles, variable demand and falling customer loyalty have in turn resulted in pressure on margins and profitability of retail business. Customers and suppliers are widely using the Internet and this has altered the way the supply chain operates.

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