Integration Testing - OSGI – SOA/ESB

Integration Testing - OSGI – SOA/ESB

Client Summary

  • Client is a low-cost airline company headquartered in Melbourne Australia.
  • Australia’s #1 low fares airline

Executive Summary

  • Low cost airways based out of Australia and involves in intercontinental and intracontinental operations which demands an advance open source technology to maintain the operation cost within the threshold to stay competitive in low cost airways service.

Business Challenge

  • Modernizing legacy applications
  • Distributed integration tests across complex integrations
  • Lack of automation in regression testing


  • Pax Exam has a test driver and a test container. The driver launches the OSGi framework and the system under test. On-the-fly bundles were built from the test cases and injected into the container.
  • The Native Container launches an embedded OSGi framework in the test driver VM. With the Forked Container, the system under test runs in a separate Java virtual machine under remote control from the test driver.
  • With the Pax Exam JUnit runner, special annotations were added along with a configuration method to JUnit class for running the OSGi tests.

Automated Integration Tests - Flight Information Display System

  • FIDS Integration tests involves different components and the testing flow with all endpoints defined with mokito (Mock Endpoints).
  • CSV File in a common location will be polled every 2 minutes
  • Checkpoints:
  • JODI
  • New Skies
  • Airline Operations Support
  • Airline Ground Operations

Benefits & Improved Services

  • Testing individual systems running across various platforms
  • Support different strategies for reusing the existing framework.
  • Improved process efficiency