IoT Testing Services

Internet of Things Testing is the newest and fastest developing sector in the testing world.

IoT Testing Services

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Internet of Things (IoT) Testing is the newest and fastest developing sector in the testing world. In the last couple of years, we have seen IoT is one of the swiftly developing businesses across the globe.

Our Day to day activities are going to change with the technology advancement and the growing number of application and gadgets in IoT. This has upraise the requirement to evaluate IoT based application to guarantee a high grade application. Though, it needs an entirely different process of approach, keeping in mind the objects connected with IoT and the ever-altering technology. Quality assurance planning and strategies seize a key to begin with Internet of Things testing. It also needs extensive analysis about the complexities that can emerge due to immense volumes and the footstep and diversity of data that are being created across attached system.

A radical testing strategy is needed to enfold the vertical extent and span of IoT testing. SrinSoft strategy incorporates various types of testing, setting up test lab, tools and simulators that should be deployed. Performance, Security and Scalability are the main key elements that require to be guaranteed while evaluating IoT apps.

E2E IoT Testing

  • Performance testing

  • Conformance testing with Standards

  • Interoperability testing

  • Edge testing

  • Network Capability and Device Level Testing

  • Security and privacy testing

  • End user application testing

SrinSoft IoT Testing Approach

Approach to test an IoT application is the same a testing any embedded application with a significant security requirement. We have covered the testing in four stages.


Grasping the business needs and Analysis of scenarios for functional and business purpose.Analysis of diverse services which are associated to software and hardware, applications, gadgets, and generating reusable test elements and services.


Have QA friendly environment for diverse testing stages and establishing the scalability of the infrastructure to support the regression as and when new functionalities are added to make sure existing versions are functional as before.


Accomplishing rigorous service testing in UAT environment to guarantee proper functionality in production environment (Network, Communication – interoperability)


Supervising the QA activities and making sure the identified corrections are taken care by making necessary changes.SrinSoft utilizes the real devices and gadgets, test tools, and frameworks to perform QA activities of IoT applications.

SrinSoft IoT Testing

SrinSoft has developed the IoT test framework which can be easily integrated with various protocols and multiple platforms. Our tools can be used to regenerate real-time context and when combined with simulators, can smoother enhanced automation. SrinSoft’s expertise and offerings make IoT application testing simple and hassle-free.

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We smoothen end-to-end testing coverage by:

  • Defining test strategy
  • Validating user experience across multiple channels
  • Connectivity and interoperability validation
  • Using real devices and simulators for performance and scalability validation
  • Cloud security and device validation
  • End-to-end automation

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