RedHat JBoss DataGrid

RedHat JBoss DataGrid caching solution for distributed data management system configuration on premise or cloud based environment

RedHat JBoss DataGrid Caching Solutions

Red Hat JBoss Data Grid helps to boost the performance and scalability of applications. It is a highly available distributed caching solution that helps traditional architectures and supports lowering the total cost. SrinSoft facilitates enterprise customers to stay competitive in the demanding market with quick decision making and secure data storage. Data grids are ideal technologies for meeting tough application performance requirements and providing fast, reliable, secure access to frequently-used data. Data Grid offers robust security features and flexible configuration options for your sensitive data —including authentication, encryption, authorization, and central identity management.

Data Grid is a distributed data management system for application data facilitation and intelligent caching Solutions.

  • Store information faster, low-latency response time
  • Keeps copies of that information synchronized across multiple servers for continuous availability, information reliability, and linear scalability.
  • Can be used as distributed cache, NoSQL database, and event broker.