JQuery Mobile Development

Building simple and complex mobile applications with jQuery will be easier for you from the SrinSoft services through its multi-talented pool of developers. JQuery is a cross-platform to develop HTML5 mobile apps and websites; and is compatible with all latest mobiles, e-reader, tablet and desktop platforms, such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Palm WebOS, making it simple and easy to use. With use of reliable tools and agile methodologies for this HTML/JavaScript framework, we effortlessly create rich and mobile-optimized web pages and applications for our valuable customers.

Being free, open source software, we at SrinSoft finely exploit jQuery cross-platform that makes it easier to navigate a document, handle events, create animations and to develop Ajax applications. Our developers use this popular JavaScript library to create plug-ins; and abstractions for advanced effects and theme based high-level widgets. We develop dynamic web pages and mobile applications through jQuery architecture. We can also bundle the jQuery framework into other different platform to create impressive results.

With our tremendous experience in designing and developing mobile applications using jQuery, we provide you with fine-tuned and high-quality services that benefit you with reduced- time-to-market, -cost and enhanced returns on investments for your business. This highly interactive application should be the perfect choice for our customers for improved accessibility and consistency.

Features of JQuery Mobile

  • Compatible with all major mobile platforms as well as all major desktop browsers, including iOS, Android, Blackberry, WebOS, Symbian, Windows Phone 7, and more.
  • Built on top of jQuery core so it has a minimal learning curve for people already familiar with jQuery syntax.
  • Theming framework that allows creation of custom themes.
  • Limited dependencies and lightweight to optimize speed.
  • The same underlying codebase will automatically scale to any screen HTML5-driven configuration for laying out pages with minimal scripting
  • Ajax-powered navigation with animated page transitions that provides ability to clean URLs through pushState.
  • UI widgets that is touch-optimized and platform-agnostic.

Our Expertise In jQuery Mobile App Development Solutions

  • We maintain Clean URLs
  • Huge experience in HTML & jQuery
  • Developing UI widgets
  • Animated transitions amid pages operated by Ajax

Main benefits of jQuery mobile

  • compatible with all major mobile platforms and all major browsers
  • automatically scales to any screen size
  • quick and has limited dependencies
  • good plugin tools support
  • Theming framework (Theme Roller and Codiqa UI builder) allows creation of custom themes
  • HTML5-driven configuration for page layout
  • compatible with other mobile app frameworks such as PhoneGap, Worklight and more
  • bases in browser and has fixed toolbars
  • Can use CSS to change any existing widget or create new one

SrinSoft provides mobile app development services. To improve functionality and design, to cut time and cost, our developers use different web frameworks. Contact us to receive assistance and advice in building your own mobile application.

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