Kubernetes Services and Consulting

Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration platform

Kubernetes Services and Consulting


Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration platform that automates many of the manual processes involved in deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications. Kubernetes clusters can span hosts across on-premise, public, private, or hybrid clouds. For this reason, Kubernetes is an ideal platform for hosting cloud-native applications that require rapid scaling, like real-time data. SrinSoft has expertise in Kubernetes Services and Consulting .

Expertise with Kubernetes

SrinSoft Expertise with Kubernetes

  • Orchestrate containers across multiple hosts.
  • Optimize the use of hardware to maximize resources needed to run your enterprise apps.
  • Control and automate application deployments and updates.
  • Mount and add storage to run stateful apps.
  • Scale containerized applications and their resources on the fly.
  • Declaratively manage services, which guarantees the deployed applications are always running the way you deployed them to run.
  • Health-check and self-heal your apps with auto placement, auto restart, auto replication, and autoscaling.

How Kubernetes Works

DevOps Approach with Kubernetes

DevOps relies on automating routine operational tasks and standardizing environments across an app’s lifecycle. Containers support a unified environment for development, delivery, and automation, and make it easier to move apps between development, testing, and production environments. A major outcome of implementing DevOps is a continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline. With DevOps and Kubernetes Consulting , we help our clients by delivering applications frequently and validate software quality with minimal human intervention.