Microservices Architecture

Leverage the cloud computing services with distributed application services facilitates on demand application, middleware and DB services

Microservices Architecture


SrinSoft has great expertise in Microservices architecture which facilitates the enterprise solutions more flexible and adopt to the demanding technologies. Also, rearchitecting the traditional SOA or API based application deployment can be re-built based on Microservices architecture.

Microservices has exclusive load balancer and execution environment to execute their functionalities to capture the data in own database simultaneously. Microservices communication is configured with Rest or Message Bus. Microservices would identify their path of communication using Service Discovery and perform automation and monitoring.

Major advantage of Microservices is that when a third-party application connects through API, it would get access to the entire infrastructure.

Unique propositions of Microservices

Microservices Testing

Developing distributed systems can be complex, Every service would run independently and managing between modules requires rigorous testing of interconnection. Each dependent service needs to be confirmed before testing in Microservices.

Microservices Monitoring

Organization needs a continuous monitoring of business technology to stay abreast of competition and secure from global threats.

Performance – Identifying the issues earlier in the process helps team to fix the issues as early as possible, continue to test and monitor the respective changes. With real time validation, performance stays constant.

Version upgrades and security patches – Continuous monitoring is key essential in the to keep the system error free and maintain the progress.

In traditional approach the teams would back track to rectify the false alerts and blind spots caused by the false alarm. These can be avoided in continuous monitoring.