Middleware Integration Services

Middleware Integration Services

SrinSoft provides Middleware Integration Services including Transformation , Performance monitoring & support and Middleware security services in Middleware that aids the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to plug in new or upgrade existing services

We have worked with multiple complex SOA projects. Our SOA approach is to enhance performance, optimizing architecture and managing upgrades

SrinSoft can help you build an integration level that is Secure, Flexible & Scalable. We are a RedHat premium partner! and has assured skills with Open source technologies like Fuse that can help solve your integration needs

Middleware Expertise :

  • Enterprise Service Bus(ESB) Services
  • Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) Services
  • Business Process Management(BPM) Services
  • Enterprise application integration(EAI) Services

SrinSoft - Partnership with Middleware

Being a partner with most of the Middleware providers such as Redhat, Software AG and PEGA, we leverage the following benefits which gives us the competitive edge:

  • Product Demo that are in the pipeline are available for SrinSoft and special Online Demo is provided to our Technical experts.

  • Direct Interaction with the partner professionals

  • Access to Redhat Product Demo Systems

  • We would provide Product Installation of various versions of partner products.

  • Proof of Concepts available for any given problem by Customer

  • Enablement across the partner product portfolio

  • Pre-configured Demo across all partner product lines.

  • Availability of all Tagged, Searchable and dynamic technical content.

  • Multiple Case studies available for reference purposes.

Enterprise Service Bus

legacy system

SrinSoft proficiency in Enterprise Service Bus offers a flexible connectivity infrastructure for integrating application and services that allows the business user to extend all requirements as well as improve supply chain visibility. Our ESB offerings include

  • Deployment of Monitoring tools
  • B2B Automation
  • Secured Web Services
  • Portable Deployment
  • Interface to External Application
  • Message Transport
  • 24/7 Support

Service Oriented Architecture

With strong experience in SOA, we deliver solutions to improve operational efficiency for managing your business to get stronger business results and respond more rapidly to changes. Our SOA offerings includes:

  • SOA Exploration
  • SOA Service Development
  • Planning and Design
  • Implementation
  • Process flexibility and cost-efficient automation
Open Imagination

Business Process Management Services

Our Business Process Management Services helps users to achieve their business objectives more quickly and efficiently than competing platform.

BPM offerings includes

  • Process Implementation
  • Process Modeling
  • Process Optimization
  • Testing
  • Support & Maintenance

Enterprise Application Integration Offerings

  • Platform Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Component Integration
  • Application Integration
  • Process Integration

Technology Expertise - Middleware Services

  • RedHat JBoss
  • RedHat Fuse
  • JBoss AMQ
  • webMethods
  • PEGA

We offer Tailored Support for all the Middleware based technologies. SrinSoft provides 24/7 dedicated team of specialized support experts who know your environment and work closely with you, both remotely and onsite. Our support services as described below:

  • Product Installation
  • Usage of product
  • Configuration of base version
  • Diagnosis on product
  • Bug Reports and Fixes
  • Third-party software/drivers
  • Code development
  • System and network design
  • Implementation and development of security rules and policies
  • Technology preview
  • Modified RPMs
  • Application Deployment
  • Application architecture
  • Application design
  • Best practices
  • Tuning
  • Application porting
  • Developer tools/plugins
  • Production application issues
  • Wholesale application debugging
  • Modified RPMs or other modified packages
  • Third-party products
  • Modified NPM node modules
  • Configuration
  • Alert Mechanism
  • Alert Severity
  • Server monitoring and application monitoring
  • Bug reporting
  • Performance metrics for support agents
  • Server Upgrade and Patching
  • Pre-analysis on RedHat’s product support
  • Create custom tool to read/access/manage various logs in the system and alert the respective technicians
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Sanity Testing
Reports & Monitoring
  • Custom report configurations, installation and customization on tools like Jon, Hyperic HQ, SolarWinds, Splunk, HP monitoring tools.
  • Develop Monitoring services on the existing applications to send notifications during the warning stage of the problem.
  • Redefine existing rules in the monitoring system to be more systematic and follow priorities. 
  • Monitoring the system during load testing and performance testing. 
  • All repetitive incidents and analyzed through trends and necessary fixes are suggested
  • Support Monthly maintenance of production servers
  • Periodic System patches and Upgrades in all environments. 
  • Regular inventory maintenance to ensure production and pre-production environment remains with same configuration and components. 

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