Middleware Integration and Automation

Middleware Integration and Automation

Client Summary

  • US based health insurance served 106 million people across United States. 70 years of providing high- quality, affordable health insurance solutions to Montana businesses and citizens.
  • Organization is committed to innovation, and continued dedication to providing the highest-quality, most affordable health care coverage in Montana

Executive Summary

  • "QuoteToCard” is complete process automation to get Health Insurance Online faster.
  • "QuoteToCard” automates various insurance processes and manual touch points and help insurance companies to accelerate the sales and underwriting process, move new products to market faster and shorten the entire cycle by more than 50%. It helps the customer to get the best health insurance plan in a single visit.

Effective Distribution

  • While agent-based sales continue to dominate the insurance market, distribution channels have proliferated and become complex, particularly in the life insurance sector. To effectively leverage their distribution channels, insurers need to become easier to work with for agents and distributors. For this to happen, carriers must make agents and distributors an integral part of the business and overcome the complexities of multiple channels serving the market.
  • In order to manage distribution more effectively, insurers need to become “plug and play” operations. However, this is difficult due to the inflexibility of their legacy systems. By adopting a service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach, insurers can improve business agility and offer distributors fast, eal-time access to policy and claims data by breaking down applications into individual business functions and making them available as re-usable components or services. This componentized platform leverages existing IT assets, reduces costs and speeds time-to-market by enabling new applications to be built through the re-use of these services. An SOA also establishes a foundation for the future – offering insurers a way to not only extend their legacy assets but also to decouple and replace them with new applications over time, should they wish to.