Mobile Application Testing

Strategic Test Consulting, Functional Testing helps our client to unveil the early detection of defects/issues, prevent reworks, reduce costs, mitigate risks of post-production issues

Mobile Application Testing

mobile application testing

According to the survey, one-fourth of users delete an application after a single utilization and never reinstall it, which says that all the attempts, time and money spent on the application development were simply futile. How to bring down this alarming rate? The answer is in quality mobile app testing that we are ready to deliver.

Srinsoft’s QA engineers focusing on functional and non-functional features of the applications, as well as mobile technology specifics (a great many operation systems, mobile gestures and screen resolutions) and various exterior components that may hinder the app work (Calls interruptions, network state, SMS and more).

Mobile Testing Services We Offer

Smart phone users embrace high expectations. Hence, the functionality, performance, usability and features of your mobile applications must fulfill your customers with great user experience. Srinsoft’s mobile app test engineers examine on real devices (iOS, Android, and Microsoft) to determine how well your application integrates different Operating Systems and other fruitful solutions like emulators.

application transformation
  • Device Hardware Testing
  • Cross-platform Testing
  • End-User Experience Testing
  • Mobile Accessibility Testing
  • Cloud-based Testing
  • Mobile Usability Testing
  • Mobile Localization Testing
  • Mobile Test Automation
  • Mobile Penetration and Security Testing

Our Mobile Testing Approach

  • Analyzing project requirements

  • Device Selection and planning the process

  • Designing test cases

  • Testing

  • Analyzing test results

How Do We Choose Mobile Devices?


  • Explore needs and target audience
  • Analyzing hardware and software specifics


  • Analyze market vogue
  • Gather statistics details


  • Define devices by their platform and priority
  • Develop test roadmap

Why SrinSoft?