MongoDB Development

MongoDB is an Open Source next-generation database system.It enables large scale document management, transformation, and real time processing and analysis. MongoDB is easily the most popular among all the NoSQL databases. Essentially,it is a cross-platform document database which makes the integration of data easy through dynamic schemas. The documents stored in the database can have an arbitrary structure. This makes it very easy to model and store unstructured data.

This non-relational database is also a natural fit in application development owing to its use of JSON (or more specifically Binary JSON) like documents, unlike tables used in relational databases. MongoDB provides high performance for both read and writes through in-memory computing. Native replication also makes it reliable and flexible.

SrinSoft backs this technology to deliver on all your application needs owing to its great performance, easy scalability and availability. Our team of consultants is fully equipped to understand your specific industry needs and determine the best technology solution for you. With our rich experience on development services, we make sure that you derive the best value out of your investment in this technology.

Today, organizations are expecting more out of applications than ever before. With big data and mobile apps becoming popular, an agile solution with high performance is the need of the hour and that's where MongoDB fits in like no other. The MongoDB architecture makes sure that today's data demands are handled perfectly. Not only does it adhere to modern development demands, it provides complete functionalities of RDBMS such as secondary indexes, full query language and strict consistency.

So, whether you are a startup or a high-growth enterprise, MongoDB is the go-to solution if you are expecting high write loads,big data sets and location-based data.MongoDB's dynamic schema makes it suitable for product data management and e-commerce websites. It also works great with Content Management Systems. In fact, it is the preferred database by Fortune 500 and startups alike, for its ability to create powerful applications, reduce cost and improve the end user experience.

Much like MongoDB,the SrinSoft team follows a dynamic approach and ensures that we create world class MongoDB applications for our customers. Consulting and development are at the core of our strategy.We work closely with our customers and provide total solutions and support it's from consultation to design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance. Through our innovative approach and product engineering heritage, we make sure that the end-solution ensures competitive edge to your organization.

A few features of MongoDB include

  • Scalability - Adding replicas to add read capacity and handling as database grows with content and audience.
  • Atomic Updates - User generated content, tags, and comments can be added in database in real time at high velocity.
  • Consistency - MongoDB consistency model supports atomic model that is critical to get accurate picture of inventory.
  • Query Language and indexing - Search, sort, and filter from varied formats of content.

MongoDB uses GridFS to store large files, while the solution provides full indexing support. Map/Reduce in MongoDB allows batch processing and aggregation of output. Named as "A Cool Vendor in Information Infrastructure & Big Data" in 2012 by Leading Analyst Firm Gartner Inc., It provides high performance and easy to operate solutions.

SrinSoft MongoDB Offering

  • Consulting Services - Evaluating various NoSQL DB's and recommendations based on your specific needs.
  • Implementation Services - Installing, implementing and customizing MongoDB based on your specific business/ IT needs.
  • Product Support - Patch updates, product bug fixes and emergency hot fixes on MongoDB.
  • Application Support - Troubleshooting and bug fixes on customizations and integrations involving MongoDB, including performance enhancements and SLA reports.
  • Database Support - Debugging, back-up & restore, and security.
  • 24x7 production support (Tier 1/2/3) - Continuous improvement, system monitoring, and user assistance during development of the application

SrinSoft Advantage

  • Competitive rates for MongoDB architects, developers and consultants
  • Big Data practice with expertise in processing and storing large quantity and variants of data
  • In-house, front-end specialists for business analysis, user experience and user interfaces
  • Strong open source expertise across multiple technologies