Multi Cloud Solutions

Unveil the benefit of multiple service provider as per the business demands and be a part of latest disruptive technologies

Multi Cloud Solutions

multi cloud computing

In the rapid cloud adoption strategy framed by an organization with Private, Public and Hybrid cloud adoption strategy most of the organization would lock in with performance issues, data risks and increasing costs when they adopted one cloud service without assessing their network and cloud strategy.

A multi cloud approach might include multiple public cloud environments or multiple private cloud environments. A hybrid cloud approach might involve public and private cloud.

Both Hybrid and Multi cloud strategy are not mutually exclusive. An organization can implement both strategy simultaneously. It has become a common approach across enterprises as they want to improve security and performance.

use cases

Companies integrating IT departments

Large enterprises avoiding vendor lock in

Mergers and Acquisitions enterprises

Smaller companies who seek flexibility.

Multinational corporate configures local data centers due to compliance, latency and security issues

SrinSoft served organization in following areas

Identification of the suitable cloud services for your business

Organizations would adopt various cloud strategy for on premise, private cloud, public cloud. SrinSoft can provide consulting, audit and advisory services on how an organization can utilize a multi-cloud approach to make the business highly scalable, available and efficient.

Guided, customized multi-cloud implementation

An end-to-end consulting on cost and security analysis, adoption and migration to various cloud providers, including any application re-development work to ensure a successful implementation.

Customer Friendly

SrinSoft is flexible on customer expectations to choose from preferred cloud service provider to ensure the security Guaranties that customer can choose the provider to leverage on demand computing service and automatic scaling. Choose from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Office 365 or our own private cloud platform or a combination of these offerings.

Cloud deployments