Navisworks Automation

Navisworks Automation

SrinSoft uses software development tools like Visual C#, Visual Basic, VBA, ASP, .NET and Visual LISP etc to develop automation programs. These applications have the capability to directly access Navisworks functionality thus enhancing productivity.

Clash Grouping Automation

Engineering Business Process Automation

  • Automates the grouping of clashes based on user selection of a member in clash group

  • Custom clash selection based on category

  • Automatic clash group numbering

  • Grouping based on selection, category, search sets etc.

Custom Geometry Convertor Automation

Design Process Automation
  • Convert geometry and all available data (Hierarchy, Properties, Clash results, Schedule, Timeline, Quantification etc.)

  • Geometric Optimization including identification of primitive data

  • Conversion of irregular triangulated faces to B Spline surface