Leverage the cloud computing services with distributed application services facilitates on demand application, middleware and DB services



SrinSoft has expertise in RedHat OpenShift with following benefits

It allows application development teams to quickly build, deploy, and scale traditional and cloud-native applications.

It securely connects to your datacenter, so you can implement a flexible, hybrid cloud IT strategy with minimal infrastructure and operating expenses.

Red Hat's OpenShift Consulting Services

Developers can access on demand platform to scale and deploy their runtimes, middleware, DB, services.

Secure, Enterprise Grade, container-based platform to orchestrate services.

Contains full package of programming languages and integrations with developer tools.

OpenShift Enterprise Features

Self-service platform Developers can quickly and easily create applications on demand directly from the tools they use most. Operations teams can take advantage of placement and policy to orchestrate environments that meet their best practices.
Polyglot, multi-languages support Developers can run multiple languages, frameworks and databases on the same platform. Customers can take advantage of the Docker formatted container images more easily.
Automation Application builds, deployments, scaling, health management and more are automated using integrated components from Kubernetes.
User interfaces Developers have access to multiple interaction models, including a rich set of command-line tools, a powerful multi-device web console, and Eclipse-based integrated development environments such as JBoss® Developer Studio.
Collaboration Collaboration on OpenShift Enterprise isn't obstructed by bloated processes. Developers can easily add or remove team members to a project.
Scalable Easily scale applications to handle increased traffic and demand.
Container portability Built around a standardized container model powered by native Docker APIs, an application created on OpenShift can easily run anywhere that supports Docker formatted containers.
Open source You aren't restricted to the technology or business roadmap of a specific vendor.
Choice of cloud Choose to run applications on top of physical or virtual, public, private or even hybrid cloud infrastructure. This gives IT the freedom to deploy OpenShift Enterprise in a way that fits existing infrastructure.