Serving A Leading Logistics Provider


Client Summary

Headquartered in Virginia founded back in 1931, a leading, full-service freight transportation provider offering a complete range of shipping solutions including LTL, time critical, volume & truckload, global and custom solutions.


  • Freight industry was evolving and our customer require business processing management (BPM) to support industry shift towards density, dimensional and other Shipment types
  • Consumer was unable to track the status of the driver and the shipment status effectively. It was difficult to track the shipments across the terminals
  • They used legacy systems for their routine work. They want to provide mobility option to their drivers which is not feasible in legacy system.
  • Legacy system doesn’t hold the same luster of being powerful systems anymore.
  • Estes relied on manual processing for their freight delivery requests which led to longer turnover and their SLA got affected customer goodwill
  • Organization desire to audit the freights, shipments volume, in-time business and technical reports

Our Solution

  • Applications belong to different line of business such as access management, Freights management, Shipment Dispatching, handling disputes - Designed, automated and developed seven different business process and supported around 300 deployments
  • Automated Disputes Handling Process
  • Enabled self-service interface for dispatcher and driver shipments management for different regions and terminals
  • Provided accurate technical reports and enhanced business with full insight
  • Integrated with Legacy System for handling the past orders
  • Establish a process for disputes managements, tracking and resolution
  • Enabled Mobile and Offline support that enables customer to provide their drivers devices such as tablets, etc.
  • Established a continuous monitoring system using PEGA AES (Automated Event Monitoring System) so that business related issues are captured proactively.
  • application casestudy

Business Challenge

  • Up to 30% reduction in the average shipments handling time
  • Improved SLA response from 50% to 20%
  • Enhanced savings with the entire decommissioning of Freight legacy system
  • Ensured the effortless dispatch and driver management with robust portals for dispatchers and drivers
  • Facilitated to distribute the shipments delivery and pickups based on the ETA system which provides better and efficient use for drivers
  • Up to 30% decrease in customer disputes resolution time
  • Unified Single solution for all regions, terminals, channels and segments
  • Provided real-time experience with online and offline support with devices
  • Improved productivity by up to 20% for enhancements through automation and reuse
  • Real-time business reports and dashboards that provides business insight