PEGA BPM Services

PEGA Development, Implementation and Support

Pega Application Development

SrinSoft has helped enterprises achieve significant productivity improvements and growth by transforming their business processes with Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities and cutting edge Pega BPM technology. We have also helped our customers in predicting risks, assessing competition and understanding the trends to create new products and services and deliver a compelling proposition to their consumers. SrinSoft's BPM approach is pragmatic, with a focus on understanding client needs and creating solutions that addresses these needs.

SrinSoft provides PEGA Business Process Management(BPM) Solutions which includes PEGA Development, PEGA Implementation, PEGA Migration, Upgrade, PEGA Support and Maintenance, Business Analysis, Testing and Automation. We provide end to end services across all areas of PEGA right from requirement analysis, implementation development, testing, upgrades and managed support. Our team have successfully delivered to several enterprise customers across various countries.

SrinSoft PEGA Services

Pega Application Development

We provide complete development on end-to-end Pega Platform Implementation and other Pega frameworks Implementation.

  • Pega Business Process Design & Development
  • Pega Process Optimization
  • Pega Mobile Application Development
  • Pega Enterprise Application Integration
  • Pega Architecture Consulting

PEGA PRPC Implementation

we provides BPM and PEGA Implementations based on Pega Scrum methodologies that adhere to global standards and processes

  • Pega PRPC v7.x/v8.x platform implementation
  • PegaRULES Process Commander(PRPC) Implementation
  • Business Rules Engines(BRE) Applications
  • Pega Implementing Sales Automation

Pega Support and Maintenance

We provide end-to-end post go-live 24*7 support and maintenance on existing implemented PEGA Application.

  • Pega Upgrade and migration
  • Pega PRPC v6.x/v7.x/v8.x /DevOps Acceleration
  • Pega Application Support services
  • Pega Performance Engineering

Pega BPM Consulting

We provide complete requirement gathering and business process management based on PEGA Methodology

  • Pega COE Enablement
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Pega BPM & Case Management
  • Pega workforce intelligence
  • Pega UEX & Customer Experience

Pega Testing and Analysis

SrinSoft performs QA and Testing for any PEGA projects with high quality Business Analysis based on PEGA Methodology.

  • Pega Customer Analytics
  • Pega Business Process Analysis
  • Pega Predictive Analysis
  • Pega Testing and Automation services
  • Pega Streamline Test Automation

Delivery Approach with Pega

SrinSoft provides complete end-to-end Services for other Pega frameworks Implementation.

  • PEGA Process Optimization
  • Pega Architecture Design
  • Pega Digital Process Automation
  • Pega Low-Code App development

Why SrinSoft?

pega software development
  • SrinSoft is one of the few companies to work for leading freight and logistics company in the US for PEGA application development and support, through its unmatched Pega technology expertise and leading certification levels.
  • SrinSoft offers a highly flexible engagement staffing model, where experienced CLSA’s and CSSA’s constitute 80% of the team composition.
  • SrinSoft has great expertise in Pega PRPC v6.x/v7.x/v8.x Platform.
  • Extensive application development experience in Pega PRPC v6.x/v7.x and Pega frameworks.
  • Expertise to analyze the PEGA Application Performance using PRPC built in tools like PAL, DB Trace.
  • Experts in automation of the PEGA application deployments using Jenkins.
PEGA PegaRULES Process Commander(PRPC)
  • SrinSoft has specialized to analyze the PRPC application log files (PEGA RULES and PEGA ALERTS log files)
  • SrinSoft helps in PEGA Application Performance analyzing using PRPC built in tools like PAL, DB Trace.
  • We are experts in automation of the PEGA application deployments using Jenkins.
  • We help in alerting and reporting leveraging SMA and third-party monitoring tools like Gray-log, Solar Winds.
  • We analyze the SMA Runtime metrics for monitoring and tuning of cache, connection pools, agents, heap usage.
PEGA Autonomic Event Services(AES)
  • We have expertise to configure nodes, subscription model, notification, scorecards for the PEGA AES system.
  • We analyze the AES log files to assess the performance issues.
  • We help in configuration and monitoring of the Requestor Pool size of the Service Packages.
  • We monitor and analysis of health status, runtime metrics of the monitored nodes.
  • We review the hotfix catalog, assess the impacts and application of the hotfix.
PEGA Business Intelligence Exchange(BIX)
  • We help in Developing extract rules for PEGA BIX standalone and Ant build process.
  • Configure the DB settings, PEGA settings for the extraction process.
  • Configure encryption mechanism for facilitating secure data transfer.
  • Monitor and tune the performance of the BIX extract process.
PEGA Mobile Client
  • SrinSoft helps in installation and configuration of PEGA Mobile Client.
  • Supports in extension of the PEGA Mobile application.
  • Monitoring and performance tuning of the application.

PEGA Web Mashup
  • We help to generate and embed the PEGA Mashup Code as a gadget into the PEGA Composite Application.
  • We configure the PEGA Mashup authentication process and the UI.
PEGA Robotic Process Automation and Robotic Desktop Automation
  • SrinSoft has great expertise in installation and configurations of the PEGA RPA
  • We are experts to build the code for the PEGA RPA
  • Support in Bud error handling, diagnostic mechanism for the application
PEGA Agile Studio
  • We help in installation and configuration of PEGA Agile Studio
  • Implement the setup the security framework, notification settings search feature setting.
  • Monitoring and performance tuning of the application.