Point Cloud to BIM Modeling

Complete As-Built Information Model with accuracy depicting the pipes, walls, slabs, roof planes, facade and landscapes

Point Cloud To BIM

Delivering value with Modern Approach using Point Cloud Scan to BIM Modeling Services


SrinSoft provides Scan to BIM Modeling Services. We have great expertise in converting the Point Cloud Data into BIM platform such as Revit and other BIM software. We create a complete As-Built Information Model with accuracy depicting the pipes, walls, slabs, roof planes, facade and landscapes in and around the building. We have experience in the creation of LOD 300 to LOD 500 Models for Architectural Elements, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical & Firefighting Elements, Structural Elements and Creation of Integrated Models

Scan to BIM is the process, which uses 3D laser scanning technology to capture the as-built environment. The resulting Survey data called Point cloud is imported into Autodesk Revit. The main advantage of Scan to BIM is its ability to analyze the differences between point cloud and model geometry by creating native

Revit geometry from a point cloud and the applications are like

  • Scan to BIM helps create as-built BIM Models for retrofit, refurbishment and renovation projects.
  • It enables the creation of as-built BIM models for the renovation work of infrastructure assets such as tunnels and bridges.
  • It uses to create as-built BIM models for MEP services that help the managers provide early clash detection.
  • It enhances the creation of intelligent BIM model in Revit by providing accurate point cloud data to the clients.
  • It helps measure points within the scan to find true dimensions quickly.

Our Point cloud to BIM services include

2D floor plans, elevation and sections from scanned data
3D surface reconstruction from point cloud/unorganized points
Redesigning for retrofitting the existing building
Creating information rich BIM-ready 3D models for architectural, structural and MEP requirements from point cloud data
Point cloud data insertion in revit
Automatic scanned data conversion into file format
Scanned data conversion into point cloud files using autodesk Recap
Linking point cloud files in revit once the .rcp and .rcs files are obtained
Scanned data transformation into .rcp and .rcs files
Scanned data transformation into cloud files during indexing

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