Private Cloud Solutions

Experience the scalability, customization on the fly without compromise in security

Private Cloud Computing Services

private cloud

Private clouds are owned by a company / organization in third party cloud environment. This provides scalability, flexibility and monitoring.

Generally private clouds provide convenience and freedom to an organization to scale the resources, access different locations, share the space with end client for a collaborative workforce, configure and deploy different technology platforms with different instances.

SrinSoft support customers to configure, deploy and manage the private clouds as virtual data center to organizations.

Our expertise in Private Cloud Solutions

Cloud Provider Solutions
RedHat RedHat Cloud Suite
RedHat OpenStack Platform
RedHat Gluster Storage
RedHat Virtualization
AWS Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
HPE Helion Cloud Suite, Cloud System
Helion Managed Private Cloud
Helion Virtual Private Cloud
Microsoft Windows Server
Microsoft Azure Stack
VMWare VRealize Suite cloud platform
VCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud
VCloud Air Dedicated Cloud
VCloud Hybrid Air Cloud Manager
Cisco Cisco One Enterprise Cloud Suite
Cisco Cloud Center
NetApp NetApp Private Storage
AltaVault Cloud Integration Storage
StorageGRID web scale object
Flexpod converged solution
Dell EMC Enterprise Private Cloud Solution
Dell EMC Servers and Storage

Cloud deployments