Redhat Decision Manager

Business automation platform for business rules management , resource optimization and complex event processing with fast, light weight, cloud ready application platform

RedHat Decision Manager

Red Hat Decision Manager meets the demanding requirements for critical applications, including the assurance of an enterprise subscription with service-level agreement (SLA)-based support, patches, updates, and multiyear maintenance policies.

With Red Hat Decision Manager 7, organizations can incorporate sophisticated decision logic into line-of-business applications with confidence, keeping them ahead of changes in market conditions and regulations. Red Hat Decision Manager 7 separates decision logic from program code and defines it in simple, declarative, business-friendly terms, making it easier and more efficient to implement, manage, audit, and change.

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Red Hat Decision Manager 7 provides decision services for client applications. The decision server evaluates business data against relevant rules to arrive at appropriate conclusions — for example, applying adjudication rules to an insurance claim to determine eligibility or applying regulatory rules to a business transaction to ensure compliance. Red Hat Decision Manager 7 offers a choice of highly efficient inference algorithms, with extensions that provide complex event processing capabilities and detect real-time business events. New with version 7, the decision server fully supports execution of decision logic expressed in the Object Management Group(OMG) standard decision model and notation language (DMN).

The decision server offers flexible deployment options and can be deployed within a Linux container on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, as a standalone service accessed via REST, Java, or Java Message Service, or can be embedded directly within a Java application.


Red Hat Decision Manager 7 includes a repository based on Git, the widely used source code management system. The repository supports comprehensive and user-definable metadata for categorization of stored assets, as well as fine-grained user access controls and version control for rules and process models. Red Hat Decision Manager 7 supports governance workflows to ensure compliance with formal change management policies as rules are modified or moved between development, test, and production repositories.

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Red Hat Decision Manager provides an integrated and stable distribution that lessens the likelihood of service-impacting outages in your production systems.


Red Hat Decision Manager, you get to market quicker, with potentially dramatic savings in development and opportunity costs.