Renewable Energy Automation

Renewable Energy Automation

renewable energy automation

Renewable Energy Automation for Solar Panel Layout systems is a significant strategy to use of alternative energy sources for electricity and heat developing regions remains a promising direction in the economy. Considering this fact, one of our leading clients in the United States has reached out to SrinSoft with their pain points in creation and layout of Solar Panel Layout systems based on the weather data provided by the Federal authorities thus provide faster implementation schedules and better design

Business Challenge

Solar Panel Layout System

  • The client was still with conventional methods of manual calculations for Solar Panel Layout systems which was not accurate and modifications to design to accommodate results based on weather analysis provided by the federal authorities.
  • The resources needed strong knowledge to manipulate map data for generating the required layout.
renewable energy automation


renewable energy automation

Automation of Solar Panel Layout System

    SrinSoft Renewable energy specialists reviewed the entire business process and created a workflow for Solar Panel Layout System as follows:

  • Creating an Automation of energy calculation based on Passive house design principles.
  • Automatic modification to Revit model based on the results from energy calculations.
  • Calculation of shading vectors for various weather stations using predefined NSRDB weather data.
  • Automatic building of roof layout based on data from Pictometry Java API including automatic detection of RTU and obstructions.
  • Automatic solar panel layout based on roof layout, obstacles and shadow area.

Business Benefits

Solar Panel Layout System Benefits

  • The new workflow created for Solar Panel Layout System was efficient and determining the optimal mode of operation.
  • This automation has great support for modern logistics, methodological and information-analytical support that will accelerate the implementation, reduce the design work and less experimental work with the introduction of integrated energy systems based on renewable energy sources.
renewable energy automation