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Experience the new age retail technologies including IoT, AR, VR, store management, inventory management and migration from legacy systems


The retail industry has witnessed many physical and technological changes, leading to consolidations, reformation and also reorganizing the way the business is done. The use of leading edge technology to precisely assess the requirements of the business, and proficiently and successfully implementing a solution is a critical part of building competitive advantage.

Shorter product life cycles, variable demand and falling customer loyalty have in turn resulted in pressure on margins and profitability of retail business. Customers and suppliers are widely using the Internet and this has altered the way the supply chain operates.


Business challenge

retail domain

Retailers thus need efficient inventory management, warehousing, logistics etc. With increased implementation of wireless technology and RFID, opportunities are opening up for retailers to improve the efficiency in operations.

SrinSoft partners with retailers to address the key challenges and issues that affect them. We offer targeted retail business software that allow retailers to increase limitations, improve competitiveness and relationships across the value chain - from suppliers to consumers. Our knowledge of the retail business helps us to meet the evolving needs of the retail sector. Our specialized technology skills in e-Business, legacy applications and integration allow us to deliver the preferred results to our clients.

Retail Business Software Benefits

  • Better productivity

  • Reduce time to market

  • Improved business scalability

  • Reduced inventories and operational capital

  • Enhanced knowledge about the customer and supplier.