AEC Automation Services

Seamless development of AEC tools with plugins increases ROI

Revit Automation Services

SrinSoft uses software development tools like Visual C#, Visual Basic, VBA, ASP, .NET and Visual LISP etc to develop automation programs and Autodesk add-ins. These applications have the capability to directly access Revit functionality thus enhancing productivity. With years of engineering and software development experience, we can develop the right automation programs thus increasing ROI and reduce time to market

SrinSoft has focused on Autodesk products since its inception. Partnered with Autodesk and Microsoft, SrinSoft has developed custom application to enhance the existing features in tools such as Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD and Inventor

Revit Tools

custom view creation
  • BIM Architectural Services
  • BIM Architectural Design Services
  • BIM Architectural Detailing Services
revit quality check tools
  • Quality Control check process for created family objects
  • Generates a detailed report document and schedule as a result of the QC process
  • Creates an instance for each type of the family object, place them in order and exports a screenshot of the resultant project
revit drag and drop interface
  • Configure Door Type Marks and Marks as per user specification
  • Re-ordering door types and door instances, as per user selection
door customization
  • Configure Door Type Marks and Marks as per user specification
  • Re-ordering door types and door instances, as per user selection
revit customization architecture
  • Calculate wall material area, grouped by rooms
  • Calculating door area, window area, wall net perimeter and ceiling height grouped by rooms
material Assignment
  • Objects, from selected host to all child family objects
  • A new family type name will be automatically generated to the selected child family objects


automation naviswork

Clash Grouping Plug-in

Automates the grouping of clashes based on user selection of a member in clash group.

Custom clash selection based on category.

BIM Architectural Detailing Services.

room based clash group

Room based Clash Grouping Plug-in

This application exports Rooms and Objects created in Revit to Navisworks.

Custom clash detection Navisworks application analyzes and obtains the list of objects that collides with a room.

The application automatically assigns the corresponding room number to it’s parameter to which it collides.

custom property manager

Custom Property Manager

This tool creates custom properties in Navisworks objects based on external data.

Option to set object data mapping with external data source.

Bi-Directional data exchange between Navisworks and external data

geomentry converter

Geometry Converter

Convert geometry and all available data (Hierarchy, Properties, Clash results, Schedule, TimeLiner, Quantification etc.).

Geometric Optimization including identification of primitive data

Conversion of irregular triangulated faces to BSpline surface