Revit Automation

Revit Automation

SrinSoft uses software development tools like Visual C#, Visual Basic, VBA, ASP, .NET and Visual LISP etc to develop automation programs and Autodesk add-ins. These applications have the capability to directly access Revit functionality thus enhancing productivity. With years of engineering and software development experience, we can develop the right automation programs thus increasing ROI and reduce time to market

BIM Documentation Automation

Engineering Business Process Automation

  • Custom DWG export with automatic cleanup of 2D data including conversion of tags as attributes, maintaining complete view XREF shared across all sheets

  • Maintaining XREF for complete view as per category like all annotations, geometry, etc. as separate XREF

  • Bi-directional excel data exchange for creating drafting views from Excel sheets retaining all formatting information

BIM Data Export Automation

Design Process Automation
  • Export the Revit categories in a controlled environment

  • Export the 2D information such as dwg sheets to the web-based 3D viewer

  • Customize the export in order to filter the categories

  • Option to export the linked Revit files

  • Option to export the Revit sheets

BIM Material Scheduler Automation

Engineering Business Process Automation

  • Material Schedule will automate the process for syncing the Revit project date from the customer web page to the Revit model and vice versa.

  • Bi-directional Project data exchange for updating the project information

  • Identifying the family tags updating the family’s information

  • Updating the product count in the room and automate the BOM process in the customer web page