Salesforce Development with Rally Integration

SrinSoft Technologies provided Salesforce integration solutions in service cloud and marketing opportunities in sales cloud.

Salesforce Development with Rally Integration

Client Summary

  • US based cloud computing company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The company provides customer relationship management (CRM) and operations software for the staffing industry.
  • As of 2018, the company reported more than 8,000 customers in more than 150 countries with annual turnover of $67 Million.

Executive Summary

  • This Project was for Leading provider of workforce management technologies. The clients offered automated and fully hosted solution designs to help companies streamline the processes, operational efficiency, and accuracy.

Business Challenge

  • The client faced issues of tracking call center status and development status of the posted case on their Service Cloud.
  • Data analysis dashboard
  • Production support
  • On Sales Cloud, marketing opportunities


  • SrinSoft Technologies provided Salesforce integration solutions in service cloud and marketing opportunities in the sales cloud.

Rally Integration

  • Integrated Rally with Salesforce to trace the development status. When the customer posted his/her request via Salesforce, it will be created as a case and this case will be handled by Tier-1 & Tier-2 resources. Once the case has moved to Triage group where the development will be started. We also have developed an interface to associate with the Rally solutions.
  • We have also provided scheduler solution; This scheduler solutions works by providing all the intervals to update Rally development status into Salesforce.

Trend analysis dashboard

  • We have created rules to capture various states and to create a Trend analysis report based on the requests. We also created and support different level of dashboard Order, Case, and Shipment.

Production support

  • We have been providing live support to move changes from sandbox to production via changeset.
  • What created Salesforce test cases and validation to maintain code coverage of more than 75% throughout the project.

Call Center Integration:

  • We integrated salesforce with the call center applications, which lead the recording of each and every conversation to improve client and business relationship. We have also created a system to generate call center reports and create a dashboard to view the below details
  • View call response within 10 Sec
  • View call response within 30 Sec
  • View call response above 30 Sec

Business Benefits

  • The client was able to view and generate various reports based on the solution.
  • The dashboard has helped to view the current status of the case and call center details
  • Provides an Immediate solution to production issues