Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration


An enterprise uses a number of applications of various design and programming logic which may or may not work well with one another. Integration helps to bring all these related but different applications together creating a centralized data mine. This results in enhanced effectiveness, regularity, quality and the overall operational standard.

SrinSoft has partnered with Salesforce and offers solutions on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Finance Cloud and Community Cloud

Salesforce Integration includes

SrinSoft follows the customer's vision about the system and focus on his priorities and existing structure. We also add value with a competitive integration cost, minimized architectural complexity and enhanced implementation speed. Our domain expertise includes but not limited to Finance, Telecommunication, Automotive, Healthcare, manufacturing and Retail.

Srinsoft's Salesforce services include

Salesforce Customer Relationship Management Software Service
Salesforce Partner Relationship Management
Salesforce Integration Solutions
Salesforce Einstein Analytics
Salesforce Automation
Salesforce Enterprise Resource Planning Applications
Salesforce Cloud Managed Services
Salesforce Integration Services
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Salesforce App Cloud
Salesforce Cloud computing Service Providers
Salesforce Integrating CRM Systems
Salesforce Integration Support
Salesforce Sales Management
Salesforce Analytics Cloud