Salesforce Integration

An enterprise uses a number of applications of various design and programming logic which may or may not work well with one another. Integration helps to bring all these related but different applications together creating a centralized data mine. This results in enhanced effectiveness, regularity, quality and the overall operational standard.

SrinSoft has partnered with Salesforce and offers solutions on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Finance Cloud and Community Cloud:

Our Services include:

  • Integration

    We have a lot of success stories in integration with Rally, JIRA, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and anything you name.

    • Security Integration: Ensure validation methods are integrated across applications for a better user experience
    • User Interface Integration: Combine the UIs of multiple applications to create composite apps without reworking on the individual UIs
    • Business Logic Integration: Integrate related business logic from one app to another to implement complete end to end business processes
    • Data Integration: An open API is used by multiple apps with different programming logic to manage related data in one shared database
  • The AppExchange marketplace includes over 600 pre-integrated components and applications, ready to go
  • Public APIs
  • Lightning App Builder : Build Salesforce1 mobile apps quickly with point-and-click tools.

SrinSoft follows the customer's vision about the system and focus on his priorities and existing structure. We also add value with a competitive integration cost, minimized architectural complexity and enhanced implementation speed. Our domain expertise includes but not limited to Finance, Telecommunication, Automotive, Healthcare, manufacturing and Retail.