SolidWorks Solution Partner

3D rendering with exact design, material and lighting specifications of your scheme, including people, vegetation, fixtures, fittings, furniture

SolidWorks Solution Partner

Being a research associate, SrinSoft offers cross-channel design solutions to the clients across the manufacturing industry. We help companies create engaging experiences by developing, operating and customizing the CAD software’s and the PLM systems within available suite of products within Dassault Systems. With expertise in Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Global Deployments and Project Management, we bring deep knowledge of the manufacturing domain and the surrounding systems that ensure an effective implementation. Dassault Systems and SrinSoft mutually work together on providing industry specific solutions to enterprise clients across the globe.

product design

Features and Benefits

Engineering Business Process Automation


  • Expose SolidWorks platform into the BIM environment
  • Easy transfer of SolidWorks model to Revit, other BIM and mechanical software
  • Control and safe data transfer
  • User friendly and availability of more export options


  • BIM knowledge not required to used the tool
  • Reduction of design error by more than 50%
  • Reduce the design time and effort more than 70%
  • Better design quality

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