SrinSoft's Case Study

IT Consulting

cloud balancer

Migration to JBoss Fuse ESB

Migrating the Advance Passenger Processing to JBoss Fuse ESB which is an open source-based stack

salesforce integration

Salesforce Development with Rally Integration

SrinSoft Technologies provided Salesforce integration solutions in service cloud and marketing opportunities in sales cloud.


Q2C (Quote to Card) integration for Insurance Company

SrinSoft developed and implemented Quote-To-Card (Q2C) automation solutions using Fuse stack

cloud balancer

Migration to JBoss Fuse ESB

Migrating the Advance Passenger Processing to JBoss Fuse ESB which is an open source-based stack

s400 migration

ESB Support and Maintenance

Our consultants have created a set of rules, procedures, and practices to bring the ESB server architecture to a stable state.

as400 webmethods integration

Time Tracking & Management System

The application helps the employee to manage their shift timings flexibly.

doctor appoinment

Mobile Doctor Appoinment

Developed a mobile app that measures the rating of a Doctor through patient’s preference across specialization.

as400 testing modernization

Mapics to Infor System21

System analysis and configuration compatible with the business for their financial system.

as400 integration testing

Integration Testing - OSGI – SOA/ESB

Pax Exam has a test driver and a test container. The driver launches the OSGi framework and the system under test.


Product Delivery With Docker and NGINX

Custom cloud platform to handle the customer and end user requests in seamless process.


Mobile Automation Testing - Selenium

Made use of real time devices to do OS compatibility testing on Android 5, 6 and iOS 9 and 10.


AS400 Integration with Mule ESB

Transaction interface - The interface with Mule would be at a transaction level with control data indicating the type of transaction

as400 migration

AS400 Integration Webmethods

Integrate all the iSeries and AS400 systems and solutions with 3rd Party applications, through web Methods implementation.

as400 testing modernization

AS400 Migration and Modernization COBOL Program

System analysis and Existing Business logic analysis Application-wise re-write the program functions in RPGLE from COBOL.

as400 integration mule esb

AS400 Modernization

SrinSoft modernized using ASNA wings with following features.Browser-based POS application.

point cloud to bim

AS400 Integration to E Commerce Website

Stock details will be exported from AS400 files.Exported file contains item style, size, type, quantity, and price.

as400 integration mule esb

EDI Services and Application Support

SrinSoft EDI Implementation - Setup, Mapping, testing for new Customers opting for EDI Services and also changes/additives requested by Customers

as400 integration mule esb

webMethods Implementation

SrinSoft prepared, wsdl contracts for the OCS application within 3 days for 63 interfaces and get signoff

point cloud to bim

Tender Generation Automation

SrinSoft has started the work by Development of automated system to extract information from various data sources

point cloud to bim

AS400 Integration Using webMethods

SrinSoft to integrate multiple components and services enabling interoperability and exchange of information using webMethods Enterprise Service Bus

Digital Solutions

as400 testing modernization

Digitalization using OpenShift

Greater productivity through increased automation and DEVOPS collaboration with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.


point cloud to bim

Cloud integrated with Windchill

Solution to work on Revit central files in multiple geolocation amazon cloud-based setup

point cloud to bim

Modern Approach using Point Cloud to BIM

SrinSoft has started the work by dividing teams to work in shifts so that the project gets processed 24x7.

point cloud to bim

BIM Documentation Automation - Gensler

SrinSoft has Auto placement of room elevation views in the sheets based on the custom option.

point cloud to bim

BIM Modeling & Automation Support - Walt Disney

SrinSoft was considered as the only Offshore Development Center for Engineering/BIM Operations

point cloud to bim

BIM LOD 500 Model - Walt Disney

SrinSoft provide requiring solution to manage their designs/models across various engineering software packages to design the theme parks efficiently

point cloud to bim

BIM Interoperability Automation

SrinSoft helped Google to address the requirement with their first of its kind products to export/import the SolidWorks/Creo 3D CAD models to Revit

point cloud to bim

Data Export Automation

SrinSoft helped to Export the Revit categories in a controlled environment.Export the 2D information such as dwg sheets to the web-based 3D viewer

point cloud to bim

Steel Framing Design Automation

SrinSoft provide Automation of complete steel framing based on American Institute of Steel Construction of manufacturing to panelize Cold Formed Steel (CFS) structures

point cloud to bim

Swedish BIM Standards Automation

SrinSoft helped to Custom quantity take-off from Revit with an option to define custom rule for fetching required data based on Swedish BIM Standards

point cloud to bim

Interior Design Systems

SrinSoft was considered as the only Offshore Development Center for the Interior/Equipment/Furniture design development

point cloud to bim

Green Buildings Design Automation

SrinSoft helps for Automatic modification to Revit model based on the results from energy calculations

point cloud to bim

Engineering Automation Support

SrinSoft in partnership with PTC, helped GE Grid to seamlessly integrate their Revit models into Windchill and maintain a common repository of all models

point cloud to bim

Design Automation

SrinSoft helped in Development of complete web-based project lifecycle management system covering various phases of activities