BIMDeX & Eiffage Construction Business Partnership Overview

BIMDeX & Eiffage Construction

Business Partnership Overview

  • Eiffage Constructions got in touch with BIMDeX to help them in taking their manufacturer models designed in SolidWorks to Revit. Initially BIMDeX helped them with a trial evaluation of the product to see how its meeting their needs. Later, Eiffage Constructions was very much satisfied with BIMDeX benefits to their projects and decided to purchase the product for multi users for seamless design data exchange collaboration


  • Eiffage was initially taking their SolidWorks model to Revit with STP/SAT formats. The client was not satisfied in the results as it is an imported geometry in Revit with no metadata information. The client faced scenarios in which complex geometry gets ignored during the conversion. The client needed a solution to take their SolidWorks file to Revit by maintaining the hierarchy and metadata information. Most importantly customer needed the solution to be supportive in French computer environments.


BIMDeX understanding the client needs offered the SolidWorks to Revit Exporter supportive in French environment which helped them in taking their SolidWorks model to Revit with no loss in design data. The client also experienced the below advantages to stay ahead in the competition in BIM.

  • Export the model based on configuration and UCS.
  • Export ignoring the components not necessary for Revit
  • Options to hide the proprietary information before doing the conversion.
  • Options to map components with Revit family types.
  • Import the model in client custom Revit Project Template

Business Benefits

  • Reduced their design time/effort by more than 80%.
  • Improved detail level in their models designed for BIM.
  • Better collaboration with the SolidWorks and Revit Designers.
  • Client is staying competitive in BIM by using BIMDeX for model conversion.
  • Project completion rate increased by more than 80% using BIMDeX for model conversion.
  • Client can now view the manufacturer model details when bringing to Revit.
  • Reduced risk for losing their geometry information during model conversion.
  • Secured data and other proprietary information

What we Achieved

  • Conversion of Complex Mechanical data in Revit within impeccable timeline
  • Huge cost savings along with efficient design data