Point Cloud to BIM Support for Automotive Industry

Point Cloud to BIM Support for Automotive Industry

Client Summary

  • Tesla, Inc., is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company based in Palo Alto, California. The company specializes in electric vehicle manufacturing, battery energy storage from home to grid scale and, through its acquisition of Solar City, solar panel and solar roof tile manufacturing.

Relationship between SrinSoft & Client

  • SrinSoft Inc. get into a contract with Tesla Inc. in 2019 to develop the BIM model for the architecture & structural elements of a small portion for their Fremont factory based out of California. We were initially provided with the scanned files for the specific portion of the building and we had to develop all the structural elements including Stairs, Handrails, Catwalks and Mezzanine floor. Later based on the output, SrinSoft had developed the entire Giga factory for Tesla

Project Summary - Point Cloud to BIM Projects

  • The scope of the work was to develop at least a LOD 300 model for all the Architecture, Structure and MEPF elements of the Giga Factory. The inputs given by the clients were RCP files, images of the site, google location, area of the site, videos and panoramas.
  • The scans provided by the clients were not proper in alignment and orientation which is why it was a challenging task for our team. However, SrinSoft with its best of its ability and understanding, completed the project and the client was quite satisfied with our work.
  • We had further received an additional scope of taking those LOD 300 Revit model into LOD 400 and extract the Shop Drawings out of it.

Business Challenge:

  • Lack of resources having expertise on “how to convert the scanned files into Revit model”
  • After receiving the point cloud data and importing it into Revit, the alignment and orientation of scans were not in proper order even after several attempts. However we then raised an RFI for correct coordinates of all the scans.
  • Few portion of the scanned data provided by the client were quite sloppy and unclear which made the project bit challenging

Business Benefits

  • Faster turnaround for the other projects since we understood their modelling standards
  • Understanding their expectations and delivering quality and accurate Revit model
  • Reduced cost and manpower for the modelling