Telecom Services

Tariff management, billing and processing system, automated open source technology based postpaid system management

Telecom Services

Information technology is the essence of today's telecommunications industry. The main challenge faced by the telecom industry is to find a balance between the technology solutions need and the investments done on it

Providing telecom services requires a massive amount of information technology (IT) support. In telecom, complex and dynamic tariff structures require secured IT systems for mediation, rating and billing. Real-time processes such as billing of prepaid accounts require a fully automated technology process chain.

Moreover, IT has become an integral part of telecom products & services and will continue to be in the future. The number and dimensions of a company's customer segments and the sales and service channels through which customers are being served drives the IT investment of the organization.

Complex regulatory requirements such as digital archiving and lawful interception also pose significant challenges for IT processes and systems. While the degrees of freedom for IT are often very limited, some optimization is possible when managing these challenges.

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