Time Tracking & Management System Mobile Technology

Time Tracking & Management System Mobile Technology

Client Summary

  • US based cloud computing company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The company provides customer relationship management (CRM) and operations software for the staffing industry.
  • As of 2018, the company reported more than 8,000 customers in more than 150 countries with annual turnover of $67 Million.

Executive Summary

  • This Project was for Leading provider of workforce management technologies. The clients were looking to create time tracking and management application using the wireless network within the office area.

Business Challenge

  • The workflow and time management with the employees of the client seemed to be redundant with the physical clock.
  • Since the employees are associated with different sites with different ations Punch In/Out seemed to be difficult to manage for the employees.


  • The application helps the employee to manage their shift timings flexibly.
  • To make an ease access for Punch In/Out to employees we developed a mobile application.
  • The application is developed with the GeoLocation capture, so the employees can easily access in their job location instead of searching for the clock to Punch in and Out.
  • Emailing Time Sheet also made handy with the application.
  • Multi-User Punch option provided to the user: With a single device more than one user can Punch In/Out.
  • Mobile Punch is a mobile application designed for the employees to manage the Punch in and Punch Out timing of their job location
  • It records the Geo Location - Locating the employee and Device Information- Authenticating the employee
  • On each Punch, the user is validated with his authentication and his location. If the employee is out of the location, he receives the Geo Alert
  • The language preference also allows the user to choose his language and once selected it reflects in the whole application
  • The application is designed for two different roles Admin Employee
  • The application behaves according to the logged in role

Business Benefits

  • An automated process to save time
  • Quick access to the employee information
  • Easy Authentication
  • Easy to maintain the Login/Log out information

Technology Used

  • Framework- Ionic Framework (Apache Cordova).
  • Data Base-SQL
  • UI Design- JavaScript/jQuery/AngularJS
  • Tool- Visual Studio Ultimate 2013.